Envato Seeks Real Estate Themes And Templates

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ThemeForest.net parent company Envato has revealed a $7,000 bounty project for developers and authors who are interested in creating WordPress themes and templates for real estate websites. In a recent forum thread, Growth Officer Shane Freer announced the bounty to members by offering prize money to the first 25 approved products (15 themes and 10 templates).

Envato Most Wanted

“We’re putting a $7,000 bounty on the heads of Envato’s most wanted file type – Real Estate themes & templates on ThemeForest,” Freer wrote. “The first 15 WordPress, Drupal or Joomla themes & 10 HTML templates uploaded (and subsequently approved) each get $350 for themes & $175 for site templates (with a maximum 2 prizes per author. Any combination of themes or site templates).”

Basically speaking, the contest is a race to the finish line up to May 31st, 2013. Winning submissions must possess a current PayPal or Moneybookers/Skrill account in order to receive payment and the coveted Most Wanted forum badge.

Real Estate Websites

The explosion of Real Estate websites has sparked added interest in themes and templates since the turn of the decade, as a growing number of website owners are able to use pre-designed downloads to successfully manage their properties and make them readily accessible to thousands of visitors.

ThemeForest already has an impressive catalog of themes and templates that are designed for real estate websites, yet there is need for added functionality in the form of interactive property maps, listing organization modules, along with other enhancements that can be used to market a wide range of housing to potential buyers.

Freer took the time to identify several existing real estate themes that are on the market that show good examples of what the company is looking for. Among those are Openhouse, WP Pro Real Estate 2, Locality, Freehold, Light House, and Pure Paradise.

Contest Details

The maximum number of winning submissions per author is two. Winners will be announced in early June with payments being sent subsequently to ensure that late entries are given a fair amount of consideration by the Envato staff. Inquiries related to the payment process should not be posted in the forums or sent to ThemeForest employees.

In order to be fully eligible for the bounty prizes, approved theme authors are required to fill out an agreement form stating that developers will guarantee to leave entries up on the ThemeForest marketplace for a minimum of two years. This gives customers ample opportunity to purchase a theme or template and receive support for it without having the item discontinued immediately.

Depending on the type of item being entered for bounty consideration, authors will need to upload files to the following categories.

WordPress Themes: WordPress > Corporate > Business
Joomla Themes: CMS > Joomla > Corporate > Business
Drupal Themes: CMS > Drupal > Corporate > Business
Site Templates: Site Templates > Corporate > Business

Those who would like a full explanation of the rules can visit the Terms & Conditions page.

Bounty Programs

In general, bounty programs are a great way to provide incentives to talented individuals and firms who would otherwise dedicate their resources elsewhere. ThemeForest, along with its parent company Envato, has been at the forefront of offering cash prizes to authors in order to fill niche markets such as real estate, Ecwid, e-Commerce and others.

Freer posted more tips on April 5th related to what should be included on the Property Details page (Features, Description, Gallery, Location, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Size, Floor Plans, and Contact/Agent Details). Giving webmasters as many options as possible without the burden of actual code manipulation is a sure fire way to earn points with current and potential customers; not to mention the fact that buyers are often attracted to websites that provide as much detailed information as possible.