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Envato subsidiary ThemeForest.net has released its latest bounty offering in the form of a $4,500 prize pool for the first 15 approved Crowd Funding themes. The contest, which was posted earlier this week by Envato Growth Officer Shane Freer, highlights the importance and upward trend of the crowd funding concept; which has caught on in a major way thanks to websites such as KickStarter and IndieGogo.

In a recent forum thread Freer wrote, “We’re putting a $4,500 bounty on the heads of Envato’s most wanted file type – Crowd Funding themes on ThemeForest. The first 15 Crowd Funding themes uploaded (and subsequently approved) each get $300 (with a maximum of 2 files or $600 per author). There are also 2 bonus prizes up for grabs thanks to IgnitionDeck. If you use the free, special contest developer version of the IgnitionDeck plugin in your Crowd Funding theme there is an extra $100 up for grabs for first 10 themes submitted and approved [along with] $50 for the next 5.” Prizes will be paid out via PayPal with a maximum of two winning entries per author.

Crowdfunding Most Wanted Poster

Crowd Funding Catches On

The Crowd Funding concept has become an extremely popular method of seeking and obtaining financial backing in recent years thanks to several websites along with the open-source nature of projects that can be monitored online by backers. Over the past couple of months, we’ve covered one particular project from inception to eventual funding in the form of John Saddington’s pet software task of creating Pressgram – an application that aims to give online users the ability to upload and share photos via social media and their own websites without relinquishing ownership and without giving away their page views to sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

The Crowd Funding trend has also found its way to WordPress website owners, who are aiming to capitalize on a growing market of backers and project managers who are seeking out ways to communicate and network.

Recommendations & Requirements

There are three existing Crowd Funding themes that Envato recommends as examples to go by for authors who are interested in submitting their entries for consideration. The first is the Fundify premium WordPress theme which makes use of the PayPal Adaptive Payments extension as well as featuring seamless integration with the Easy Digital Downloads e-Commerce plugin. Other files that are accurate examples of what ThemeForest is using as a guide are the Mission theme and the GoodWork download.

If a theme author wishes to publish multiple submissions when entering the contest, he/she must ensure that all entries are unique from one another. Also, the full Terms & Conditions state that winning entries that receive prize money MUST fill out an agreement form stating that the product will remain on the Marketplace for a minimum of two years

Community Feedback

The forum thread has already become popular among ThemeForest members with more than 10 replies in the first few days. Exclusive author Nevide commented earlier in the week that “this is nice idea. I am very excited to design crowd funding template but unfortunately… I know html css and i have some ideas how to code to wordpress but i dont’t know php and i am scared that i can’t submit good wordpress theme without pro php knowledge… :( Can anyone change my mind?” Silver Paw recipient Astoundify has already submitted an entry and received approval with the Campaignify Multi-Purpose Crowd Funding Theme.

The bounty contest runs through July 9th with payments sent out some time in late July. Those who are deemed winners must hold an active PayPal or Moneybookers/Skrill account in order to receive payment. To find out more about the latest bounty offering from Envato, visit the ThemeForest.net Forums.

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