Envato Offers $10,000 Bounty For Facebook Templates

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ThemeForest.net parent company Envato is offering $10,000 in bounty prizes to developers who create (and receive approval for) Facebook templates for sale on its worldwide marketplace. The incentive driven “Most Wanted” series has become a staple in the WordPress community by motivating programmers to quickly come up with on-demand, quality material to best suit the niche demands that arise.

Envato Facebook Templates Bounty Poster

Envato designer and WordPress developer Scott Wills posted on the ThemeForest forum recently that the company is “putting a massive $10,000 bounty on the heads of Envato’s most wanted file type – Facebook Templates on ThemeForest. The first 30 Facebook Templates uploaded (and subsequently approved) each get $250 (with a maximum of 3 files or $750 per author).”

Contest Rules

The rules of the contest, which extends through January 31st, 2013, are rather simple. The first 30 Facebook themes that are uploaded to the marketplace and receive approval will each receive a $250 prize; with a maximum allowance of 3 templates per author. While that part of the bounty adds up to $7,500 in award funds, there will be an additional $2,500 in bonus prizes divvied out as well.

For example, the theme that receives the most sales from the beginning of the contest through January will be handed $1,000 in extra prize money, plus the Envato staff will hand pick 3 of the “best” themes. First place will get $750, second place earns $500 and the third place winner will make $250. Even if the author does not get his/her theme up in time to be part of the first 30 approved products, that person or company may still compete for the Top 3.

Submission Requirements

According to the official Envato Support Forum, “Facebook templates will be used by your buyers to create Facebook page tabs. These tabs are used by Facebook page owners to better engage their audience. There are two types of Facebook templates:

1. Standard Facebook Templates: These templates are similar to site templates on Themeforest but have a width of 520px or 810px so that they fit within the width restriction of Facebook tabs.

2. Facebook CMS Templates: These templates are similar to CMS themes on Themeforest but have a width of 520px or 810px so that they fit within the width restriction of Facebook tabs.”

Facebook templates have their own pricing structure, and a creator can expect to market his/her new Facebook theme at a price of $8-$15. If a site template is included, the asking amount goes to the $15-$25 range, with an advanced functionality Facebook CMS template going for $25-$40. A CMS theme that includes a separate Facebook CMS template with advanced functionality can be sold for $45-$60.

The overall WordPress theme pricing structure (not to be confused with the Facebook template structure outlined above) that Envato suggests is based mainly on complexity. Mobile or single page themes generally have a market value of $25-$30, while standard templates go for $35-$40. Advanced functionality can escalate your developed merchandise into the $45-$50 range, and themes that incorporate e-Commerce or BuddyPress compatibility have a suggested retail price of $55-$60.

Hefty Community Involvement

Due to the fact that this contest has been ongoing for several weeks, a large portion of the 30 themes have already been approved. However, there is still time to compete for the Top 3 category and most overall sales through the end of January.

If you are not looking to develop a Facebook themes, there is also a separate $7,500 bounty being offered for Zen Cart Templates (see official forum post here.

The Zen Cart bounty grants $750 to each winner with a maximum allowance of two templates per author. A February 28, 2013 closing date has been set for the Zen Cart contest.

Up-and-coming WordPress developers could be well-served by checking out the latest bounties in the “Most Wanted” series; if for no other reason than to keep track of what the open marketplace is placing a premium on at any given moment.