Envato Issues $10,000 Bounty On Concrete5 Themes

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Although the vast majority of topics we write about here at WPHub.com revolve around the WordPress platform and its growth worldwide, we found it interesting that the latest bounty offering from Envato subsidiary ThemeForest comes in the form of seeking concrete5 themes; which is software that focuses on in-page editing rather than the traditional administrative User Interface we’ve become accustomed to (this is a concept that will likely play a more prevalent role in future WordPress releases as well).

Envato Most Wanted Poster

In an April 29th forum post, Envato Growth Officer Shane Freer posted, “We’re putting a $10,000 bounty on the heads of Envato’s most wanted file type – Concrete5 themes on ThemeForest. The first 20 Concrete5 themes uploaded (and subsequently approved) each get $400 (with a maximum of 2 files or $800 per author). There are also 2 bonus prizes up for grabs! Authors can win a maximum of 2 Most Wanted prizes ($800 total) and can potentially win BOTH bonus prizes ($2,000). To make this most wanted even cooler, the guys from Concrete5 have generously offered a one-time free training session valued at $95.00!”

More On Concrete5

According to the software’s Wikipedia page, “Concrete5 features in-context editing (the ability to edit website content directly on the page, rather than in an administrative interface or using web editor software). Editable areas are defined in concrete5 templates which allow editors to insert ‘blocks’ of content. These can contain simple content (text and images) or have more complex functionality, for example image slideshows, comments systems, lists of files, maps etc. Further add-ons can be installed from the concrete5 Marketplace to extend the range of blocks available for insertion. Websites running concrete5 can be connected to the concrete5 website, allowing automatic upgrading of the core software and of any add-ons downloaded or purchased from the Marketplace.”

Front-End Editing

One of the great concepts that has hit the WordPress platform in recent years is the ability for administrators to make alterations from the front-end view; something that is much quicker and at times more convenient than visiting a back-end Control Panel. This streamlined manner has caught on globally in recent years as a growing number of webmasters have less time to spend on making clicks and viewing different screens as they navigate their own site.

This is also something that has been well known to forum moderators for some time due to how convenient it is to delete or edit content without going to an Options Panel. This method gives administrators a way to grant control to trusted members while not sacrificing site security.

Contest Terms & Conditions

The deadline to submit entries for the Envato Most Wanted contest is July 22nd and there are several types of themes being sought: Grandeur Responsive Multipurpose Concrete5 Themes, Smoothie – Responsive Concrete5 Themes, Structura Responsive Multi-Purpose Concrete5 Themes and Smoothie – Responsive Concrete5 Themes. To get a better idea of what type of submissions are useful, visit the ThemeForest Concrete5 Section.

Contest participants who are ultimately accepted must agree to keep the theme on the marketplace for a minimum of two years and hold an active PayPal or Moneybookers/Skrill account in order to receive payment (prize money will be sent out a couple of weeks after the deadline has expired). If one author decides to make multiple entries, all of them must differ from one another in order to be considered for the two prize limit.

Freer wrote Monday, “It’s as simple as that! The first 20 files to be uploaded (and subsequently approved) based on the above requirements win! Please note that we have some more specific rules to outline and clarify.” You can see a complete run down of the Terms & Conditions of the contest here.