Envato Offers $5,000 Bounty For Tumblr Themes

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In a recent ThemeForest.net forum post, Envato Growth Officer Scott Wills announced the latest bounty reward in the very popular “Most Wanted” series, which has produced marketable PrestaShop and BuddyPress material over the last few months. From October 19th until November 30th, developers around the globe will have an opportunity to enter their Tumblr themes into the Blogging > Tumblr category on ThemeForest for a share of the $5,000 bounty being offered.

Envato Tumblr Theme Bounty Contest

The contest conditions stipulate that 20 separate cash prizes of $250 (collectible via PayPal or Moneybookers/Skrill only) will be awarded in December to the best products that are submitted by the deadline. There is a maximum of 3 winning entries per author, meaning a company or individual is limited to earning $750 in bounty prizes. “Most Wanted Bounty Winner” badges will also be handed out to all ThemeForest forum posters who win, and all entrants who receive prize money must keep their themes online for a minimum of two years. Multiple entries by the same user must be distinguishable to one another.

Tumblr Microblogging Format

Tumblr CEO David Karp

Tumblr is a short-form blogging format (better known as “microblogging”) that enables text, images, video, audio, quotes and social media feeds to be posted on one’s website. Users can choose to keep their blogs private, or follow other blogs.

Tumblr was founded in 2007 by current Chief Executive Officer David Karp (pictured). The company is headquartered in New York City and boasts nearly 70 million blogs and close to 30 billion total posts according to Wikipedia.

Early Theme Entries

Since the contest began, there have been eight new Tumblr themes submitted to the Blogging > Tumblr ThemeForest category; ranging in price from $17 to $21 for a single license. The Zurich Responsive Tumblr Theme by user ChristineWilde has been purchased three times, as have the MetroFolio by UltraLinx and Vintage Metro by thomv themes. The other products that have been uploaded since October 19th include “Industrialr” by EnDan, “Evoke” by PhantasiaAeterna, “Redib” by Thomascullen92, “Halftone” by Ansimuz, and “Eclair” by pixify.

ThemeForest Forum Feedback

In general, the ThemeForest forum feedback to Envato’s “Most Wanted” series has been overwhelmingly positive. As of Friday, October 26th, there were 38 replies within the official Tumblr theme bounty thread. “I’ve been waiting for this for ages! Got one that is almost finished. :),” posted ChristineWilde, who subsequently submitted the Zurich theme. MetroFolio creator UltraLinx added, “Hopefully I’ll get lucky. Got two themes nearly ready. Could get another ready by the closing date.”

Forum member badjohnny posted on October 26th, “First time to try a tumblr theme. Have an elementary question, what’s format of submit file? txt or html? I think a txt file is enough to include all codes.” Fellow member kriskorn replied, “It is your call. You can submit which one you like the best..”

Capital Creation Through Prize Based Contests

The concept of creating capital through offering prizes is not new, but has picked up a considerable amount of steam in recent years due to the vast amount of value that is often obtained. Motivating individuals and companies to provide niche content to suit specific needs is more easily achieved when there is a clear-cut incentive (such as bounty reward money) involved.

Envato Portfolio

Aside from ThemeForest, Envato operates several other marketplace and human resource websites. These include Tutsplus.com, PSD.Tutsplus.com, FreelanceSwitch.com, Mac.AppStorm.net, Creattica.com, RockablePress.com, and TechJobs.Envato.com.

The firm’s executive team includes Founders Collis Ta’eed, Jun Rung, and Cyan Ta’eed, along with Marketplace General Manager Vahid Ta’eed, Business Development Leader Fuad Ta’eed, Development Manager John Viner, HR Manager Lise van der Spuy, Finance Director Sigal Pilli, and Legal Director Chaman Sidhu.