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As WordPress broadens its horizons and receives additional exposure overseas, a new theme company has formed in the country of Vietnam. Engine Themes was founded by Khoa Le Nguyen Anh, who posted the site’s very first blog entry on November 27th by calling the venture an attempt to simply WordPress themes in unprecedented fashion.

Engine Themes Founder Khoa Le Nguyen Anh

“Our philosophy is simple. If you need to hire someone to help you with your WordPress theme, then that theme is not right for you. Unfortunately, that’s a problem we see many WordPress bloggers and website owners face every day, and it’s a problem that we want to solve with easy-to-use themes that are both logical and elegant,” said Nguyen.

The firm’s president went on to state that the team is “passionate about making WordPress themes easy for anyone to use, and that means getting rid of cluttered screens, complex coding, and limited design options. Engine Themes builds every one of its themes to be incredibly easy to use and incredibly powerful, too.”

Job Engine WordPress Theme

The new WordPress template designed for job engines is useful for listings sites and allows simplified management of content by location, category and employment type. Thanks to the Ajax Filters, front-end users will be able to revise their search criteria without reloading the page, plus there are email templates for sending automated messages to potential hires and advertisers.

By using the theme’s header features, you can select between the job seeker and job offering tab, as well as post an offer with one click of a mouse. There is room on the top-left for the logo and description of your own website.

Job Engine Header Controls

The Latest Jobs section is the heart of this new premium theme, and displays the job title, company name, location, and full time/part time/free lance distinction. There are optional ribbons that can be used for advertisers who want to get as much exposure as possible through “Featured” banners that appear on the right-hand side.

Job Engine Job Offers

Clicking through on the title will take the job seeker to a separate page to find out more information, such as full description, salary, and how to apply.

Engine Themes Standard Features

Although only one product is commercially available at this time, the company lists several features that current and future clients can expect from upcoming releases. The Adaptive Color Scheme allows for easy selection of palettes while the Front-End Controls let administrative members edit and manipulate content uniquely without ever leaving the homepage.

Thanks to the mobile device optimization that will come included with Engine Themes’ products, users who are visiting your job listings site via their Blackberry, Android, iPad or iPhone will be able to browse comfortably.

“Many WordPress themes don’t offer a mobile version at all or the mobile version is a cheap copy of the desktop version. That’s not good enough these days. Instead, all themes created by Engine Themes include a dedicated mobile version that is fully optimized for mobile devices, so your site looks as good on smartphones and tablets as it does on desktop computers,” the founder emphasized in his blog post.

Localization support for six languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German and French) will also be part of each new release.

Engine Themes Features

Pricing Structure

It has yet to be seen whether Engine Themes will eventually branch out into a monthly/yearly subscriber format once new templates and extensions have been developed, but for now the Job Engine theme comes with a one-time price tag of $129. The input area for a promotion code suggests that Nguyen’s firm will cater to affiliate marketers by offering sign-up discounts.

You can check out the Job Engine demo here if you’re interested in what the new template has to offer.

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