Embed Instagram Images Into Your WordPress Blog

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Instagram users who also have a WordPress site are in for a treat. Starting immediately, you can embed Instagram images into your WordPress blog and share your experiences in real time with very little effort!

In order to file your Instagram image onto your blog, you will need to go directly to the image link on Instagram and copy the URL. All that’s left to do from there is paste the URL in the desired area when editing a post or page and then save. It’s as easy as that!

A recent blog post by Cheri Lucas on WordPress.com explains the new feature in detail, and shows examples of how the posts will appear on your site once you have pasted an Instagram image into the content.

The example used by Lucas shows just how easy this task is to perform. Placing the Instagram image link below text when editing your post is shown in the screenshot below.

Instagram Paste URL

The result when being viewed from the front end is a simple, effective way to share your Instagram photos and add captions in order to provide more context.

Instagram Paste Result

Customizing Your Image Size

Another great thing about this new feature is that the URL will embed the largest photo size that fits within your margins automatically. However, if you wish you can also choose to use a shortcode to modify the size of the image on your own. After the image URL, input the desired width and you’re on your way! This quick, easy method for Instagram image sharing is sure to be a hit with many WordPress users due to its simplicity.

Instagram And WordPress Fan Feedback

The original blog post by Cheri Lucas was published on Monday, October 29th. One day later, the content had 424 “Likes,” had been shared via Twitter 362 times and had also received 172 Facebook Likes.

A user named Lauren commented, “Very cool, I always post a lot from instagram using the amzndaws or whatever img link, but now I can just use the URL instead!”

Cheri Lucas

Another user inquired about how to get the actual link of a picture. WritingThroughTheFog.com blogger Cheri Lucas (pictured) replied directly, “When you share Instagram images on sites like Twitter, you can grab the URL from the tweet, for example. When scrolling through your images in Instagram, you can also find the URL of an image by clicking on the icon of three dots on the bottom right. You’ll see a ‘Copy Share URL’ option; clicking this will copy this URL to your clipboard, and you can then paste/email this link.”

Reader “kristenhwhyte” wrote in the Comments area Tuesday morning, “I am quite excited about this! I love taking pictures with instagram, it makes slightly plain photos look impressive. It may even prompt me to put more photos on my blog. I can’t wait to try it out. Looking for an appropriate photo subject as we speak…”

At last count, six of the 60 overall comments were added in by the author, and all were in directly response to a question or suggestion that had been brought up by another user.

More About Instagram

The Instagram service has grown popularity recently due to the way it can add visual effects to “normal” photos to highlight them or bring out more contrast, colors, etc. Instagram is available for free download at the iTunes App Store, and images can easily be shared to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr with just one click of your mobile device button.