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In the last week or so I have looked at WordPress plugins which promise to increase your newsletter subscription rate.; namely Pop Up Domination (review) and Subscribers Magnet (review). Both of these plugins require you to use a newsletter provider such as Aweber or MailChimp

However iThemes have released the beta version of Email Buddy – a plugin which lets you build an email list using WordPress.

Cory Miller explains:

EmailBuddy is an email newsletter solution for WordPress. Building email lists around your blog, or your products and services, is a vital marketing function. Despite the popularity of social media like Twitter and Facebook, email marketing is not dead. You can’t rely on people coming back to your site or knowing about your new launches. Simple text-based group emails are extremely effective at getting your message out to the right audience. With EmailBuddy, you can do that and more!

I do like the idea of emailing subscribers from my own site rather than using a service. Though I’m not sure if any such solution will offer the same quality, performance and reliability of services such as MailChimp.

However in the long run a solution like this could save you a lot of money (all good email marketing services charge a monthly fee).

At the moment the plugin is only available to those who purchase the PluginBuddy Developer Suite from iThemes – which will set you back $197. The developer suite does come with other great plugins like BackupBuddy though.

You can read more about EmailBuddy at the link below.

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Link: EmailBuddy

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  • Comment by Brad Dalton
    Brad Dalton

    The problem with emailbuddy is it doesn’t send html. And i don’t think it includes an autoresponder. Not sure if it auto sends new posts either

  • Comment by Syed Balkhi
    Syed Balkhi


    I don’t recall you asking us to teach you about this. Although we have an article that has been up since 2009..

    A little search on the site would help…

  • Comment by

    I would not suggest you do the mailing from your own domain. There are way to many issues that pop up that a company like Aweber will resolve for you.

    Plus, once you build any kind of list you would want to move it to a company like Aweber but they would require you to ask everyone to optin again…where you will lose about 80% of the list you have built.

    You can do a $1 month at Aweber. They are worth the expense.

  • Comment by Technonesia

    Yes, but aweber is a paid service. As a beginner, I don’t have the need nor the money to use them.
    I would really appreciate if you could explain the steps to set Feedburner.

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    All newsletter services charge a monthly fee. Mailchimp gives you the first 500 subscribers for free so you may want to look into that.

    Feedburner is self explanatory. You just need to login with your google account id and add your website.

  • Comment by Technonesia

    Hi, Kevin!

    Could you teach me how to create Email Newsletter using Feedburner or any other free services?
    I have asked wpbeginner but got no answer.


  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    Feedburner allows you to send updates of recent blog posts to subscribers who have clicked on the subscribe by email link.

    Sounds like you are looking for something like aweber or mailchimp.