Elegant Themes Launches StyleShop For E-Commerce Sites

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Premium template and plugin company Elegant Themes released its 81st commercial product on Thursday. Dubbed StyleShop, the latest release from ET founder Nick Roach is specifically designed for e-Commerce websites.

In his Valentines Day blog post, Roach explained that “to show our customers how much we love them we stayed up all night putting the finishing touches on a brand new theme. I am excited to announce the release of StyleShop. This robust and beautiful eCommerce theme is built on WooCommerce, and offers a power suite of tools for running an online store. Unlike our previous eCommerce themes, StyleShop is fully responsive and offers a unique mobile menu that makes browsing your store on mobile devices easier than ever. StyleShop also makes full use of the WordPress Theme Customizer, allowing you to quickly change the colors of your fonts, background, navbar, footer, and more.”

StyleShop Responsive Design

The responsive design ensures that customers visiting your website from a tablet computer or smart phone will receive a customized look that won’t require them to horizontally scroll their way through content.

StyleShop Appearance

The StyleShop homepage features a traditional top navigational bar with a logo section on the top-left along with main headings and a Shopping Cart icon. Immediately below that, there is a separate navigation area for pages followed by the Featured Content Slider.

StyleShop Homepage

The slider itself is a bit more square-shaped than most scrolling modules, and has room for a large image along with a “Products & Pricing” call-to-action button that can be configured to appear on each slide (the text and other parameters can easily be customized). There is also room for a title and brief description along the center of the photograph, plus there are small circular icons near the bottom that allow visitors to manually rotate the entries.

A three column homepage blurbs region can be used to further entice front-end users to click through to a separate page and find out more about deals, categorized merchandise and industry news.

Online Retail

The online retail section of StyleShop boasts a homepage feed that can be laid out in four columns to include item photos, price tags, product names and “sale” buttons. Your shoppers will be able to see if the merchandise in question has been recently reduced and can “Add To Cart” with one click of a mouse or mobile device button.

StyleShop Online Retail

Individual pages include category, full description and similar product links. By integrating the WooCommerce management system, StyleShop adds functionality to your website that will allow it to act as an online point of sale from the very first time you download it.

Custom Page Templates

Although e-Commerce is the main focus of the StyleShop premium theme, you can also use custom page templates to insert separate pages for your portfolio, image gallery, blog, contact us information and more. The well-rounded characteristics of the template do not limit webmasters to just one market or industry, and the extra layouts can be utilized for enhancing your current website with news stories, high resolution images, and more info on how customers can get in touch with you.

There is a brand logo area near the bottom of the homepage which can be programmed to appear in case you’d like to list affiliates, show off publications which you’ve been featured in, or highlight some of the most important manufacturers of the items on sale.

StyleShop Shortcodes

StyleShop also comes with a complete set of shortcodes that make arranging content along with adding boxes and buttons an easy task to accomplish.

Compatibility & Download

The newest release from Elegant Themes is compatible with WordPress 3.5 Elvin, completely localized, and works on the Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari web browsers.

If you would like to find out more about the StyleShop WordPress theme, visit the following pages.

StyleShop WordPress Theme
StyleShop Live Demo

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