Elegant Themes Gives Sneak Peek of Origin

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When it comes to designing clean, top-notch premium WordPress themes, many argue that Elegant Themes Founder Nick Roach is in a class of his own. The young entrepreneur has amassed a large global following thanks to his 70+ theme downloads (all of which he personally developed), not to mention he is one of the pioneers when it comes to all-inclusive yearly subscription plans for WordPress products.

A week ago, the ET owner posted a blog entry informing his readers that the next product in the on-deck circle will be called Origin. “We have another great theme in the works, and as usual I am excited to give everyone a sneak peek at what we are working on! Our next theme, Origin, will be a responsive grid-based theme with a strong photographic presence. This will be a great theme for artists and designers, or bloggers who are looking for a colorful and fun theme to entice their visitors. I hope that you like what you see,” explained Roach.

Origin Visuals

Origin Side Navigation

It appears that the next offering from ET will boast side navigation capabilities using the normal page based Content Management System and drop down menus for sub categories and listings. The screenshot on the right shows a gray color scheme with white highlight for the section that is currently being moused over, with a vertical one column layout that will most likely expand toward the center to display additional information.

Meanwhile, the homepage looks unique and stunning, with a collage of images laid out in a grid-style format. Post information (such as publication date, author name, category, number of comments, title and excerpt) can be configured to pop up for each image when being moused over from the front end.

It appears that a “plus sign” ( + ) icon will be used for clicking through to view the full content once Origin is commercially released.

Origin Homepage

User Feedback

The blog post itself already has more than 300 Likes from Facebook members, over 150 Tweets with Twitter and close to 100 comments at the time this article is being written. I personally browsed through all user feedback to see if there was any negativity or concerns. Roughly 90% of all comments so far have been positive. The prevailing opinion I found is that many Elegant Themes current customers would like to have this product available to them “yesterday.”

On October 17th, Roach replied, “We don’t have a released date right now, but it should follow our usual theme release schedule” when asked how soon Origin will be on the virtual shelf.

“I’m really, really excited about this theme,” said an Elegant Themes customer named Mira. “Ever since I saw NYTimes The Collection on iPad, I want to update my blog to have a visually appealing and informative pictures right from the get-go. This is looking really awesome and I will be patiently waiting for this!”

User “mytechfab” wondered whether Origin will turn out to be an entire theme based on the AJAX Gallery Slider used for the Flexible WordPress theme that was released May 31st.

“Giorgos” suggested that his website would greatly benefit from custom inputs such as Date, Software and Client for the back end of a portfolio entry.

Elegant Themes Subscription Plans

There are two subscription plans offered for those who wish to become an Elegant Themes member. The “Personal” package costs $39/year and includes updates, support and all-inclusive access to each theme, while the “Developer” membership adds complete plugin access and layered Photoshop files into the mix for $89 per year. The company does not have an option for single theme purchases at this time, opting instead for a total-access scheme that many customers have come to embrace.

Elegant Themes Subscription Plans

We will keep an eye out for Origin and be sure to give it a full review once it has been officially released.