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The more frequently you publish articles on your blog, the more you need to schedule them to publish in the future. WordPress makes scheduling posts easy via the post editor though if you are scheduling weeks in advance, it is perhaps not the most efficient system. For example, if you wanted an article to publish every day you would need to scroll up and down the posts page to ensure a day wasn’t missed.

This isn’t a major inconvenience though I found a plugin called Editorial Calendar that makes life a lot easier. The plugin adds a new ‘Calendar’ link under the posts section in your admin area. Clicking on the link will bring up your past and future articles in a traditional calendar format.

This is the regular way of listing your articles:

Editorial Calendar WordPress Plugin

Editorial Calendar makes it easier to see what day and time your articles are being published. This makes it easy to spot any days that have no articles missing and days when multiple articles have been scheduled.

Editorial Calendar WordPress Plugin

Without doubt the best feature is the ability to drag and drop articles to other dates. You simply click on the article and drop it to the day you want it to publish. Have a look at the video below to see how easy it is to move articles around.

WP Mods publishes at least one post per day. Most posts are written in advance though as longer articles sometimes take a few days to complete plus I need to plan ahead for holidays too. Due to the importance of scheduling posts on WP Mods, I consider Editorial Calendar an essential WordPress plugin, as it really makes my life easier :)

I encourage you to install the plugin if you schedule posts frequently. Remember, the calendar that the plugin adds is on a separate page and does not replace the default way WordPress lists posts, so you don’t have to use it all the time.

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Link: Editorial Calendar WordPress Plugin

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  • Comment by Amy

    This is awesome! I installed the Schedule Planner plugin a few months ago which works good, but only shows 2 scheduled posts, but this calendar option is much more intuitive. I watched the video — the options for use are really great. Thanks so much for sharing this, Kevin.