Manage Your Editorial Workflow With Edit Flow

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When there are editors, full time writers and guest posters contributing content to your website; one of the website owners main responsibility is to manage the flow of articles and ensure that the content is of a high quality and published according to schedule. One plugin that helps you do this is Edit Flow, a plugin that was designed to help multi-author blogs and websites control their work flow more effectively.

There are many ways in which Edit Flow helps you control your work flow. One is the addition of new user groups. This allows you to organise your team into different groups and assign them tasks accordingly.

Edit Flow Usergroups

Additional meta information can be added to help streamline the process of reviewing posts.

Edit Flow Meta Data

The meta data is added to the post editor. The information should be completed by writers so that editors and blog owners can review what needs to be done before the article is published.

Edit Flow Meta Data

By default WordPress allows you to set posts as drafts or pending review (when a contributor submits a post it is set to this status).3 additional post statuses are added when Edit Flow is installed. ‘Assigned’ lets you know that a post has been assigned to writer to complete. ‘Pitch’ allows writers to pitch ideas to editors; this saves a lot of back and fourth emailing and keeps everything on your site for other editors etc to see. A ‘Waiting for Feedback’ status is also included for posts that have still to be reviewed by the editor.

You can add as many new post statuses as you would like to suit your needs. You can even delete the 3 additional statuses that were added.

Edit Flow Post Statuses

In the post editor you will also see a notification box. This allows you to select which users and/or which user groups are to be updated by email whenever the status of a post changes or a new editorial comment is added.

Edit Flow Notifications

Every main feature of the plugin can be switched on or off in the plugin settings area.

Edit Flow Settings

The plugin also features dashboard widgets and a calendar that helps you easily organise past and future posts by status or category.

Edit Flow Calendar

If you don’t like the traditional calendar layout, you can see a list of past and future posts in story budget mode.

Edit Flow Story Budget

Edit Flow is one of the best multi-author plugins for WordPress I have seen in some time. It’s feature rich, easy to use and free to download. I recommend giving it a try if you are looking for a way of automating your post workflow :)


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