Make Amazon Affiliate Links In Seconds With Easy Azon

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Easy Azon is a premium affiliate plugin for WordPress that lets you add Amazon affiliate links in seconds. THG Web Media were kind enough to donate a test copy of the theme so that I could review the plugin for you guys.

Setting up the plugin only takes a few minutes. Firstly you need to do enter your ClickBank Receipt ID and your Amazon API Access information. Then all you need to do is enter your affiliate tracking ID. By default the plugin asks for your USA Amazon affiliate details however you can enable link localisation so that you can add links from the UK, Canada, Germany and France.

Links can be set to open up in new windows and the nofollow tag can be attached too. You can cloak links by adding a prefix to links (links will look something like

Easy Azon Settings

Once you have set Eazy Azon up an ‘Eazy Azon Amazon Search’ box underneath your post area. Using this box you can search for products in any category using keywords or ASIN reference.

Easy Azon

After clicking the ‘Search Amazon’ button, several products will be listed in the Eazy Azon box. You can then add a text link, image link or info block directly into your post.

There’s not a lot to Eazy Azon. It’s easy to install, easy to use and makes inserting Amazon affiliate links directly into posts a breeze. If you add Amazon affiliate links into your content regularly I recommend checking it out as it will save you a huge amount of time.

Easy Azon retails for $47. The plugin comes packaged with a free ‘Amazon Affiliate Secrets’ PDF eBook. Version 2 of the plugin is being released within the next few weeks and the price may be raised. All existing customers are eligible for a free upgrade so if you are planning on buying the plugin I recommend doing it soon to take advantage of the cheaper price.

If you have any questions about the plugin please let me know.


Link: Easy Azon

* Thanks to Easy Azon for providing a test copy of their plugin for the purpose of this review.