Dynamo By Obox Focuses On Versatility

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If you’ve never heard of Obox Design and currently manage a WordPress website, then you might be interested to know that the company markets a WordPress theme catalog consisting of more than 30 premium downloads. The latest commercial release from the firm, dubbed Dynamo, is a highly versatile WordPress theme that focuses on the varying needs of site owners who are looking for flexibility along with the tools necessary to run anything from a business blog platform to a full fledged e-Commerce online Point of Sale.

In a corporate blog post published earlier this month, Gavin Elliot stated that “Obox has been around for almost 4 years now and yet we’ve never launched a multi-purpose theme that truly fits the incredibly popular niche. For various reasons we have avoided focussing on the business segment but with the creation of our Content Widget, better understanding of Post Types and the explosion in eCommerce, we’ve decided to tackle it head on with our latest theme, Dynamo – the first of three multi-purpose themes we are releasing to the world.”

Dynamo: A Closer Look

A quick look at the Dynamo homepage shows a modern, organized layout that begins with dedicated slots for your website’s logo along with a top navigation bar that utilizes drop down menus for sub-categories. Below that, visitors will find the Featured Content Slider which is a great tool that can be used to insert high quality photographic content in order to attract readers to specific entries or encourage them to click through to find out more about your services.

Dynamo Theme Homepage

Within the slider itself, you can easily configure your post’s title, sub-heading, text excerpt, and Call To Action button directly from the back-end without ever having to go into the Editor and manipulate code. The arrow icons on either side can be clicked on (or tapped on) by the front-end user; allowing for manual control of the module, and/or you can choose to have the images (along with their corresponding data) rotate automatically.

Below the slider you can insert your own blurbs that explain more about what your company does. These are laid out in three columns and include images, titles and text. All the visitor has to do is click on the title to go through to the section.

Custom Page Templates

One of the great features that comes standard with the Dynamo premium download is the ability to incorporate as many as 10 custom page templates. What this means is that you can simply go to the right-hand menu from your WordPress screen when creating or editing a page and select from Portfolio, Blog, Partners, Services, Shop, Team, Image Gallery, and much more.

As we mentioned above, Dynamo is programmed to work on e-Commerce websites. This is achieved via WooCommerce integration which can give shoppers an easy, seamless experience from the very first time they visit your site all the way up to the moment of checkout. If you are interested in using certain payment gateways, there are separate plugins available for download.

Dynamo Page Templates

By using the “Partners” page template, you can publish screenshots of your sponsors’ logos and display them proudly both on a custom page and the homepage.

Fully Responsive Design

Dynamo Responsive Design

Dynamo boasts a 100% responsive design that will automatically adjust the size of your content to fit the screen size of each individual user. This works for an iPhone, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, Android, Blackberry and similar devices.

By giving mobile phone and tablet computer users a customized view, visitors to your website can easily tap through all of your website’s pages and even conduct their shopping online without ever having to worry about thumb scrolling and pinching.

To find out more about the Dynamo premium WordPress theme, visit the Dynamo Product Page or Dynamo Live Demo.