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If you are looking for a unique way to let your visitors contact you then you may want to consider DynamicWP Contact Form, a new WordPress plugin which was released a few weeks ago by Dynamic WP. The plugin floats a contact button at the left hand side of your page and slides a contact form to the right hand side when it is clicked.

Once you have activated the plugin on your site you need to enter your email address in the settings area. You can also enter your social media information for 7 different social media sites to give users a different way of contacting you.

DynamicWP Contact Form WordPress Plugin

Unlike most other contact forms which are placed within a designated contact page on your site (e.g., DynamicWP Contact Form floats a contact button at the left hand side of your page. You can’t change the image via the settings area though you could easily change it by replacing the image within the plugin folder.

DynamicWP Contact Form WordPress Plugin

When a visitor clicks on the contact button a small contact form will slide to the right hand side. The contact form only has 3 fields: name, email and subject. Your social media pages are also linked here.

The contact button is large enough so that visitors will see it though it isn’t obtrusive either so should blend in nicely with most blog designs.

DynamicWP Contact Form WordPress Plugin

DynamicWP Contact Form is perfect for those who are looking for a basic contact form for their website. However if you want to add more fields and options to your form you may want to try a different plugin.

The download link on WordPress links to version 1.0, which unfortunately doesn’t work because of a header error. Thankfully this problem was quickly resolved in version 1.1. Until WordPress correctly links to the current version you can download 1.1 at

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Download Link: DynamicWP Contact Form

Comments (5)

  • Comment by Bek404

    Does it function well when you view the website on a mobile phone? Or does it over-lap / interfere with the page content? I know that websites that have fixed/floating headers can be annoying at times when viewing the website on a mobile phone.

  • Comment by Wordpress Customization
    Wordpress Customization

    The plugin floats a contact button at the left hand side of your page

  • Comment by Kevin

    Great advice! Don’t forget that with floating forms you can consider where and when they pop up too. You could potentially use them further on down the line to find out what products your customers are interested in as well as where they are in the buying cycle.

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    Unfortunately the plugin doesn’t have any spam protection built into the form.

  • Comment by George Serradinho
    George Serradinho

    I sa this plugin tha other day and it looks cool, but how does it combat spam? I ask this as a user might get a lot of spam.