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I nearly skipped pasted Jeff Rose’s Draft Scheduler WordPress plugin when I saw it announced earlier this month. Mainly because the title made me think it didn’t offer you anything which WordPress doesn’t already do.

However once I tried it out, I quickly realised that Drafts Scheduler is something which a lot of people will find very useful.

I am a big fan of how WordPress allows you to schedule posts in advance to the exact day, hour and minute. The feature has proved to be a life saver recently as I pinched a nerve in my neck at the start of October. My left shoulder, arm and hand were in constant pain therefore I was unable to do any work for 2 or 3 weeks (thankfully I can do some work now due to stronger painkillers).

Regular readers of WP Mods would not have noticed my absence as I try and write a few weeks of articles in advance. This technique allows me to plan longer articles and it gives me the freedom to take time off when needed (such as when I’m sick or on holiday).

To schedule posts in WordPress you need to set the date and time you want the posts to publish. This doesn’t take long if you are scheduling one or two posts but if you have dozens it can be a little time consuming. Drafts Scheduler was created for this exact reason.

Drafts Scheduler WordPress Plugin

Let’s say you have pre written 30 posts in advance for your blog to be published when you are sick or on holiday. Normally you would have to schedule 7 or 14 days worth of posts and specify the times you want them to be published on your site however with Drafts Scheduler you simply tell WordPress the number of posts you want published and in what order (random or sequential). You can also specify the exact time you want articles to be published.

Essentially, Drafts Scheduler allows you to automatically schedule draft posts without having to set the time and date yourself. This might not be incredibly useful to many WordPress users but bloggers who plan articles weeks in advance will find this plugin a life saver.

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Drafts Scheduler: Info | Download

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  • Comment by Ralph

    Thanks! I was hoping to find a plugin like this one. Manually scheduling lots of drafts is indeed a pain in the neck :)