Promote Your Domain Name Sale With The Domena WordPress Theme

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If you are trying to offload some domain names, you will know how difficult it is to promote them effectively and sell them at a good price. The Domena theme from iReed Web Design is a domain sales template for WordPress that addresses this issue.

The design comes in a light and dark version with 4 different colours for buttons: blue, orange, green and red. There are 8 different variations of the design too. They are all pretty much identical apart from the the header being different and the inclusion of a toolbar link menu instead of hovering the links around the image.

The simple design has everything you need. The domain name is specified at the top of the page with descriptions of the domain such as ‘Quality SEO Rankings’ and ‘Strong Keywords’ above the domain name. You can add a description of the domain name underneath this area with links for the visitor to buy the domain now or make an offer.

Domena WordPress Theme

Google Analytics has been built into the theme. Stats can be shown on the home page to show exactly how many visitors the domain is getting every day. At the bottom of the page is a 3 column widget ready footer that you can put additional information such as related domains or Twitter updates.

It comes with shortcodes for putting content into one, two, three or four columns. You can span content across 2 or 3 columns too if you wish. There’s a range of different buttons available too for encouraging visitors to make an offer.

Domena Buttons

Via the settings area you can enter your domain name and specify whether you use generic or handwritten text for your domain name or a custom logo instead. The colour schemes can be set here too.

Domena Settings

Custom CSS can also be entered in the settings area and you can upload a custom background if you want too. A contact form is available too and Google Analytics and social media information can be entered in the settings area.

Domena Settings

The dark version of the template looks great too. I’m not usually a huge fan of dark designs but the text is easy to read and the bright button colours complement the dark design well.

Domena Design

Domena has been optimised for use on mobile phones and tablets. With so many people browsing the web using mobile devices, this optimisation will surely help push more offers your way.

Domena Mobile Friendly Design

There’s not really much to Domena. It comes with a buy now page and contact page though the main information is on the home page. The simplicity of the template is one of it’s strengths. You won’t have to spend a lot of time modifying it in order to promote your domain name. After activating the theme you simply need to enter your domain name and tweak a few settings.

The addition of Google Analytics is welcomed though I believe many users will not use it if their domain is not getting a lot of traffic. There are many simple HTML domain sales templates out there though the option of using WordPress for your sales page is appealing as it opens the doors to a lot of great plugins that could be integrated into your design easily (such as newsletter subscriptions, banner ads, pop ups etc).

A regular license for Domena retails for only $20 from ThemeForest. I’m sure it will prove popular with domain traders.


Link: Domena