Digg-like WordPress Theme

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If you are a fan of Digg then you might like the Digg-like WordPress Theme, a design which mimics Diggs old colours and structure (Digg recently changed their design slightly but the colour scheme remains).

The theme has thumbnail support and places the date of an article in the box where the number of Digg votes would usually be. Videos can also be added to the sidebar by using the custom field feature.

Digg-like WordPress Theme

Digg-like still looks good, despite being released around 2 years ago. It could be doing with an update though as it doesn’t take advantage of any of the great new features WordPress has added in the last year.

The theme was also designed to work with the Get Recent comments, FlickRSS and WP-PageNavi plugins. This is a pet hate of mine; developers should never release any theme which relies on external plugins to work in my opinion as the theme has a high chance of breaking if the plugins are not actively updated.

Nevertheless, I’m sure some of you will find this free theme useful.

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