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If you are looking for a free theme to spice up your WordPress blog, the WordPress Diary Theme from Site5 Web Hosting might be the one for you. It is a gorgeous theme that seems most apt for personal blogs.

WordPress Diary/Notebook theme attempts to strike the right balance between ‘clean’ and ‘beauty’. At any point, the design does not seem to be over done, nor does it seem too loud.

Speaking of major features that the theme has to offer, Diary/Notebook is built on HTML 5 and CSS 3 (along with a fall back mechanism for older browsers), a custom theme options page and in built pagination. Apart from that, it also flaunts a splendid jQuery powered (and fairly speedy) lightbox, in built widget for Latest Tweets and native support for Google Fonts.

Diary/Notebook Theme Preview
Diary/Notebook Theme Preview

What’s more? Diary/Notebook theme comes with support for forms, including an Ajax based Contact Form (all you have to do is specify the default page to use for the form in the Theme Options, the rest shall be handled by the theme itself). And before I forget, the theme comes with extensive documentation as well.

The default Contact Form has three fields – user’s name, email and message. You can add some custom text to go with the Contact Form, but there is no support for spam prevention or other advanced fields. Clearly, since the theme itself is targeted at casual bloggers with personal blogs, the form seems to suffice. If not, you can always leave the Form details in Theme Options blank (this will hide the form link from the sidebar) and employ a separate plugin for Contact purposes.

Coming to the Theme Options Page, it is divided into seven tabs.

In General Settings, details are provided for you to edit the background and Blog Title. In fonts, you can modify almost every font used in the theme. Under colors, again, you can modify or alter the entire color scheme of the theme. Social Links lets you add your Twitter and Facebook user names, and Contact Page edits the Contact form. In the second last and last tabs, you can alter the Footer Copyright text and SEO options respectively. When it comes to SEO, it lets you add meta keywords, meta description as well as your Google Analytics Code.

Diary/Notebook Theme Options Page
Diary/Notebook Theme Options Page

On the down side, the WordPress Diary theme does not have native support for menus and therefore you will have to compromise by populating your sidebar with menus.

All in all, the Diary/Notebook theme is a good looking and appealing theme and if you have a personal blog (and you prefer to have a layout which is a bit beyond ‘minimal’), this theme should surely be on your list of themes to try!

Diary Theme: Information and Download | Demo

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  • Comment by Anjali

    Nice theme for a website like tutorials and tips.

  • Comment by virtual assistant staffing
    virtual assistant staffing

    This is nice its simple but i really like it , hope to try this one soon. Thanks for this post

  • Comment by Mark

    This is perfect for a personal blog. The simple but stylish design is just what I’m looking for. It seems to be reasonably customisable and I’m definitely going to try it out.