Dev4Press Launches Its First Responsive HTML5 Theme

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Premium WordPress theme company Dev4Press had been dropping hints since the beginning of February that its new framework, which would add a significant amount of functinality to its downloads, would be released soon. On February 24th, the firm announced that the xScape Framework And Core Theme 1.9.1 and skyScape Responsive HTML5 Theme are available to the public.

In a Sunday morning blog post, Dev4Press outlined the new framework along with last minute updates to the software. The “new version of xScape Theme Framework and xScape Core theme brings more important features and improvements that were a bit late to go into 1.9 version last week. All the changes in this version are needed for our first fully responsive HTML5 theme,” the article said.

Dev4Press 188x158

Webmasters should note that in order for the new software to correctly work on your website, WordPress 3.2 or later must be activated. The move into responsive products represents a major move for Dev4Press, which explained why only new themes will boast the advanced functionality. Company contributor MillaN wrote, “xScape now contains Smart Responsive Breadcrumbs jQuery and CSS plugin, but only new themes will be able to use it, making changes to old themes would be too complicated to do. Breadcrumbs rendering is rewritten to allow for more flexibility. Grid layouts are improved, and responsive grid is fully functional. Shortcodes are improved, and some of them can now use Font Awesome icons. Networks widget is improved to use icons from Zocial font instead of images. There are other core changes that will further improve framework stability.”

A Closer Look At skyScape

The skyScape homepage begins with a traditional logo section that is accompanied by an optional description, with the top navigational bar pages displayed to the right. Below is a featured content slider which can be programmed via the Control Panel to automatically rotate slides at various animation speeds, or the front-end user can simply click on the thumbnail images at the bottom to manually toggle through entries.

skyScape Content Slider

Slides within the module will display a large featured image, post title, author name, publication date & time, category and number of comments. In the example shown above, the webmaster decided on four main entries which can each be clicked on for further information.

Further down the homepage is an area dedicated to your website’s main News Feed. Entries in this section are displayed in a “blog-style” format with small thumbnail photos, post titles, categories, comments, author name and publication date included along with an excerpt of the text. Readers can go straight through to the full entry by clicking anywhere on the title.

skyScape News Feed

Widgets can be inserted via the back-end with both the sidebar and footer regions available for social media feeds, recent posts, archives, and more.

Responsive Design

Premium WordPress theme in 2013 rely heavily on a fully responsive design due to just how many individuals are browsing the Internet via a mobile device or tablet computer. With the skyScape theme, your iPhone, iPad, Android, iPod Touch and Blackberry users won’t have to fret over frequently thumb-scrolling and pinching their way through content. This is because skyScape will automatically detect the screen size of each visitor and adjust page parameters accordingly.

skyScape Responsive Design

The result is Dev4Press’ very first fully responsive HTML5 theme, which could go a long way toward boosting the firm’s sales on upcoming releases. The skyScape theme also has separate pages for a portfolio, although the feed does not differ from the main News or Blog areas.

For those who would like additional information on the new skyScape WordPress theme by Dev4Press, visit the following pages.

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