Add a Corner Badge to your Test Area

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I have spoken many times about the importance of having a test area for WordPress. I use my own test area daily to try out new plugins and themes and mess about with things that I wouldn’t want to do on a live site.

Philip and Jenny Cain have developed a simple plugin called Dev Corner Badge which I think would be a great addition to any WordPress test area. The plugin adds a badge to the corner of your theme which reminds you that you are viewing the ‘Development Version’ of your site.

Dev Corner Badge WordPress Plugin

It’s always advisable to test out new things in a test area instead of trying out new things on a live website, as you don’t want your main site to be down if something messes up. However, if you are constantly switching between your live site and your test area, there is a chance that you will get mixed up and edit the wrong site (particularly if you have been working for hours or if it’s late). Dev Corner Badge reduces the odds of a silly mistake by making it very clear which is the test area.

If you have a test area for WordPress (and you all should!) then I strongly encourage you to install this simple plugin.

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Download Link: Dev Corner Badge