What’s The Deal With WordPress VIP?

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If you’ve been paying attention to the news surrounding WordPress, then you know that WordPress VIP is one of WordPress.com’s big new ventures. But what does it take to become a VIP and What does that even mean? Well, I’ve put this post together to answer those questions. Here’s what the assent to a VIP looks like: You’ve paid your dues. You built your business from the ground up. You were up at all hours to feed it and change it and gave it what it needed to be successful. You weathered a few storms along the way, but managed to steer out of them. Your site brings in millions of viewers a month, and now, you’re ready to let someone else do the dirty work and help you push it to the next level.

It sounds like you’re ready to leave the cheap seats my friend, and become a WordPress VIP. Time to toast with champagne, walk the red carpet, dine with the best and use those fancy forks for which, let’s face it, no one can remember their use.

As VIP you’ll rub elbows with CNN, BoingBoing, TechCrunch, Time, TED, New York Observer, InStyle magazine, among others. Oh yeah, and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform website is also hosted on WordPress. If that isn’t democracy in action, I don’t know what is.

What Does a VIP Get?

What does being a VIP bring you? Well, that depends on what kind of VIP you are. There are two categories to the VIP program: SaaS hosting and Self Hosting. WordPress VIP SaaS Hosting is the top-the-line Mercedes of WordPress hosting. Starting at $3,750 a month, you’ll get access to WordPress experts, unlimited support tickets, and:

  • Enterprise Level Scaling – Hundreds of millions of page views? Billions? Bring it. VIP can handle it, and with flat pricing, you can add traffic at no additional cost.
  • Bullet Proof Security and 24/7 IT support – WordPress stays up at night watching your site. Like a doberman pincher . . with IT skills.
  • Site Optimization and hourly backups – Duh.
  • APIs and Web Service Integration – This is the VIP SaaS program’s newest feature. Announced in March, WordPress’s XML-RPC API, REST API, and OAuth authentication allows you to integrate your site with other technologies. For those of us who don’t speak acronym, it means that companies that have integrated their services with the WordPress platform can seamlessly enable their tools on your site.
  • Mobile – Go mobile with just a click, and create content from wherever.
  • Social Media Integration – Core sharing features and plug ins make it easy to share your content with your loyal followers. . .and you don’t have to do that awkward curtsy thing.

In the VIP Self Hosting program (starting at $15,000 per year), you get the expert access and trouble ticket support, but you may have to forego the other items listed above, depending on your host.

How Do I Know if My Company Qualifies?

First, ask yourself if you fulfill these requirements:

  • WordPress asks that you have a kick ass in-house developer or work with a top consultant
  • You have a “Powered by WordPress.com VIP” link on your site and
  • Standard hooks in your theme for our stats and
  • Custom or GPL compatible themes/plugins and that
  • Your tags go into and point to the WordPress Tags community

Having all of the above doesn’t guarantee membership, but it’s a start. If you’re a new business or a non-profit on a budget, but want this kind of support don’t fret. You can still hang with the pack. Just mention your company status in your application, and you could receive flexible pricing.

Tell us what you think. Are you a WordPress VIP? If so, how do you like the service? Do you think it’s worth the money? If you applied and were not granted VIP status, tell us what happened. You can use the box below for your comments.