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Have you ever wanted to create a daily deals site like Groupon, Woot, LivingSocial, Dealfind, etc? While this seems like it could be a pretty difficult task, it’s not with the help of WP Deals.

WP Deals is a WordPress plugin that can turn any WordPress blog into a stylish Daily Deals site. It doesn’t take away from your blog; it simply integrates into your blog and adds a few new sections that will serve as the daily deals area.

The plugin adds a ton of features! It’s basically a website within a website because you can choose different themes and even add extensions¬†like the subscribe light box and download monitor.

Getting Started

Once installed you’ll find the “Deal Options” menu under the Settings menu. You’ll also notice a new menu called “Daily Deals” between the Posts and Media menus on your dashboard.

WP Deals Daily Deals Menu on WordPress Dashboard

You’ll also notice that WP Deals automatically adds five new pages to your blog called: Daily Deals, Featured Deal, My History, My User Profile, and Your Deal Transaction.

First we’ll take a detailed look at the “Deal Options” and see what the four settings tabs have to offer.

General Settings

The General tab is where you’ll be able to customize all the basic options for the WP Deals plugin. You can choose to force SSL/HTTPS, which ensures the security of your shoppers (this is a must). However, this will only work if you have an SSL Certificate for your website, so be sure to get one if you’re planning on running Daily Deals on your site.

General Settings for WP Deals WordPress Plugin

You can also set the currency, select viewing type (list or grid), set your pricing options like position and number or decimals, and set your image settings here. The image settings are important because if they’re not defined your images will not display at all; plus if you have your images too large or too small, your deals will look messy. You’ll have to play around with this to get the right size for your theme.

PayPal Settings

WP Deals supports PayPal for payments (there are more methods coming soon). So your shoppers can pay securely and you’ll quickly have access to the money in your account. In settings, all you have to do is enter your PayPal email.

PayPal Settings for WP Deals WordPress Plugin

However, there is a “PayPal Sandbox” feature that you can enable. This allows you to test transactions beforehand, so that you can make sure everything is working properly before going live.

Invoice Settings

Your deals site will not only look professional, but you’ll also have professional invoices for your customers. You can add your store name, logo, description and footer text to your invoice.

Invoice Settings on WP Deals WordPress Plugin

You’ll all be able to voice your invoices under the “Daily Deals” menu and print them out if needed.

Account Settings

WP Deals also includes social media integration, which allows you to add links to your Twitter, Facebook, and RSS feed to help increase fans and followers. These links will be displayed within each deal listing.

Account Settings for WP Deals WordPress Plugin

You can also choose to display a share button. This will allow your visitors to share your deals site across the Web (via the AddThis button), which is great for increasing traffic and sales.

Managing Your Deal Site

After getting all of your settings in order, I’m sure you’re wondering how to add deals, track sales, view invoices, etc. As mentioned above, this is all done from the “Daily Deals” menu on the WordPress dashboard.

Adding Deals

To add deals, you’ll need to click on “Add Deal” from the “Daily Deals” menu. It’s much like creating a new blog post, but you’ll also notice some additions and subtractions here.

There will be a “Deal Properties” widget on the right where you can enter the base price, discount price, stock (quantity) and end time. You can also set the item as expired here. When you click in the end time box, a calendar will appear so that you can select the date and set the time by hour/minute.

Add Deals to Your WP Deal Site and Set Properties

There is also a spot underneath the text area to add a product image. Remember, the size of this image is defined under the General settings area (mentioned above).

Once you select a category, add tags, and add a featured image (if your blog theme supports that), you’re ready to publish. If you’re curious, below is the result of a test item that I set up.

Here you’ll see the Daily Deals page view (before clicking through to item).

Daily Deals Page View via WP Deals WordPress Plugin

Here you’ll see the page of the actual item (after clicking through to item).

WP Deals WordPress Plugin Single Item View

Other Management Sections

Along with adding deals, viewing/managing categories, and view/managing tags, you can also view/manage your sales, invoices, and subscribers.

Subscribers of what? Well, WP Deals has a newsletter integration feature that comes with their Premium Themes. It will automatically capture and save email addresses from those that make purchases, so that you can send them daily deals via email. You can also get the subscriber extension so that anyone can willingly sign up.

Lastly there’s the reports section, for those who like to look at and compare numbers. You can create sales reports based any date range. At a glance, you’ll also be able to see statistics, total sales, top sales, and last 5 sales (without generating a report). These reports can then be downloaded to your computer.


WP Deals also comes with six widgets: categories (list your deal categories), featured (list featured deals), freebies (list free deals), randoms (list random deals), recents (list recent deals), and tags (list deal tags).

As you can see, this is a very advanced plugin with a lot to offer. Having a Daily Deals site is a great way to make money, so why not try starting your own? Give WP Deals a try.

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  • Comment by Sania

    heye i want to know that how to set expired deals on my site

  • Comment by anders

    hi just downloaded and installed . looks good. But…. the stock option is missing… So deals don’t working. Anybody knows how to fix that?

  • Comment by Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    The plugin is free from You can download it here

  • Comment by murad sweiss
    murad sweiss

    hello how do i purchase the wp daily deals

  • Comment by vinnys

    How do you set up Freebies? do you need a premium or special theme?

  • Comment by Rahul Verma
    Rahul Verma

    Plugin seems to be good. I am going to try it’s features and i will be back here with results. :)