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Tweet Up is a new premium theme for WordPress which was specifically made for Twitter meetups and events. The theme retails for $47 and is currently being used to arrange several popular Tweetups such as the Minneapolis-St. Paul Tweetup.

Create a Tweetup Website

In my opinion the theme is very basic looking for a premium WordPress design.

Tweetup WordPress Theme

I don’t believe anyone would purchase this theme for the design though. It was designed specifically for those who want to arrange events through Twitter so has a few integration options which help to promote the event.

The first feature is the register option. Users can automatically subscribe to your Twitter account and get tweets about the event by simply clicking the register button.

When a user registers a message is automatically tweeted by them to their followers, which increases exposure of the meetup.

Register for Tweetup Event

The theme also adds the location of the event to announcements via Google Maps and shows the latest people to confirm they are attending the event on the home page.


The standard version of Tweet Up Theme costs $47. They also have a custom skin package for $297. This deluxe license also includes 5 years of domain registration and hosting though I don’t believe it’s value for money.

Both licenses also include 4 different skins but they are all practically identical apart from a few small cosmetic changes such as background and font colours, so it’s not a huge selling point.

I’m still not sure what to think of this theme. On the one hand, it does everything it’s supposed to do so would be perfect for a Twitter meetup event.

However, I don’t believe you get enough for your money. There are thousands of alternative free and premium themes which have vastly superior designs and dozens of Twitter integration plugins which would allow users to follow your event. The GeoLocation Plugin I reviewed last month would also allow you to quickly add the location of any event to your announcement. Which is why I believe this theme is a bit too expensive. A price of $19 would be much more reasonable.

Those who don’t want to spend time setting up a Twitter event website themselves using WordPress plugins may feel that $47 is a bargain due to the time this theme saves them.

I do recommend checking the theme out if you are looking for a quick and easy way to arrange a Tweetup but please remember that many of the themes features can be added to any WordPress design for free.

Link: Tweet Up Theme