Create Simple & Elegant Footnotes On Your Blog

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I’ve always felt that the use of footnotes is wildly underrated with certain readers and writers. In high school, I absolutely hated them. As an avid reader, there seemed to be nothing worse than having to stop mid paragraph and hunt for a tiny number at the bottom of the page. I stood by my hatred of footnotes for years until I was introduced to a phenomenal book called House of Leaves which fully utilized them. The author, Mark Z. Danielewski, really went with it and his footnotes would involve details upon details diving you deeper into the story. At this point footnotes stopped becoming meaningless details to me and they opened up a whole new way to write and develop ideas. But alas, how was I to use them on WordPress? Then I discovered Simple Footnotes, a plugin that lets you add elegant footnotes to your posts with really minimal effort.

Here’s how to do it!

First off, you’ll need to activate and install Simple Footnotes, which takes just a minute!

Once you’ve finished that and you’re ready to start a post, all you’ll need is to add the shortcode [ref] following the sentence as I did here:

After you do that, the plugin does the rest of the work for you! With Simple Footnotes, all of your notes are automatically numbered at the bottom of your page. So after you add the shortcode you’ll end up with a result that looks like this:

I love how simple this plugin makes footnotes! Now you’re ready to get started and add as many as you want! It is great how this plugin opens up your options for adding details, citing sources, or however you’d like to use it!

Have any of you used Simple Footnote or another similar plugin and found it effective? Leave us a comment and tell us about your experience!