Create Page Menus With WordPress Post Tabs

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Blogern released a new plugin yesterday called WordPress Post Tabs. The plugin allows you to add navigation tabs to any post or page in WordPress, which is perfect for anyone who is adding tutorials or reviews on their website.

Tabs can be added to articles by simply adding [tab] to your content though the shortcode can be changed in the settings area.

WordPress Post Tabs WordPress Plugin

There are three different styles to choose from: default, grey and red. You can add your own customised styles too.

WordPress Post Tabs WordPress Plugin

WordPress Post Tabs is a quick, easy and effective way of splitting up content in your articles into sections. Those of you who have long detailed articles on your site should check it out.

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Download Link: WordPress Post Tabs
Developer Page: Blogern

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  • Comment by DhruminJariwala

    Is it possible with this plugin to get let say last 5 post from archive page? for all the tabs by category ?I donâ€â„¢t want to post Anything on this for this plugin. But with any script or something. It can generate data on these tabsâ€Â¦ ?