Create E-Books Quickly And Easily With Anthologize

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One Week Tool is a unique Summer project that aims to teach participants how to build an open source digital tool for humanities scholarship by building a tool, from inception to launch, in a week.

The result of this Summer’s project is Anthologize, a WordPress plugin which lets you transform your content into an electronic book. It’s development was led by Boone Gorges, a WordPress developer who works a lot with BuddyPress.

Anthologize is really easy to use. You start by creating a title and subtitle for your project.

Anthologise WordPress Plugin

You can then create parts for your book. Content can be added to your book by dragging and dropping posts into each part.

Anthologize WordPress Plugin

Once you have added all of your content, you can export your project. The edition, year of publish and type of license can all be determined.

Anthologise WordPress Plugin

The final step of the export process allows you to add dedications and acknowledgements. You can also change the font face and size, change the page size from letter to A4, and disable WordPress shortcodes to avoid any formatting problems.

The content can be published in 4 formats: ePub, PDF, TEI (plus HTML) and RTF.

Anthologize WordPress Plugin


Anthologize is a useful plugin for creating eBooks on the quick from content you already have. The final output is quite basic so I wouldn’t use it if you are releasing a unique high quality eBook through your website, however it’s a great tool for pulling content easily from your blog so would be perfect for creating a book with your best content (e.g. Best posts of 2010).

The plugin worked fine the first time I used it but when I added more content to it the second time I noticed that it was having problems pulling images from my content. Bugs are to be expected from a project which took 7 days from inception to publication but once they have tweaked the plugin a little it will undoubtedly prove to be a popular plugin with many WordPress users.

You can find out more about Anthologize at the following pages:

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