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As you all know, I’m a big fan of plugins and themes which change the way in which WordPress is normally used. Last week I showed you how you can turn WordPress into a fully functional job board. Today I will be showing you how you can create an arcade website using WordPress with some great arcade plugins.

WP Arcade

WP Arcade is an arcade plugin which lets you add games from online game developer MochiMedia. Games can be added manually or automatically via the admin area.

You can add as many flash games as you like from MochiMedia. There is also an option to make extra revenue from users playing coin games. All you need to do is sign up to their affiliate program.

The WP Arcade Plugin is free if you purchase one of the 7 themes which are currently available. All of their themes were recently reduced from $50 to $29.

With 7 arcade designs to choose from and thousands of arcade games available from MochiMedia, WP Arcade is a great choice.

Link: WP Arcade

WP Arcade Engine

WP Arcade Engine is an arcade plugin which costs $29 and up. It also comes with a money back guarantee.

There is only one design included with the plugin though you should be able to customise it easily.

There are 3 purchase options available to you. You can purchase a single site license for $29. For another $29 you can get a game pack with over 6,000 games.

$99 will let you use the plugin on an unlimited number of sites and has the 6,000 game pack included as well. If you plan on building 2 or more arcade sites then this is definitely the best value for money.

Link: WP Arcade Engine

My Arcade Blog

My Arcade Blog is another arcade plugin which lets you add games manually or automatically from MochiMedia.

There is a free version of the script available and a premium version with more features too (called My Arcade Blog Pro).

I recommend downloading the free version of the script first to try the plugin out. If you like it then it would be wise to upgrade to the pro version as it has loads more features and only costs $19.95.

The free version does not come with a design either whilst the pro version comes with the fungames theme.

The video below shows you how to setup an arcade in under 5 minutes using My Arcade Blog.

At only $19.95, My Arcade Blog Pro is great value, particularly when you consider it’s cheaper than it’s competitors. If you are on a budget though you should try out the basic version first.

Links: My Arcade Blog | My Arcade Blog Pro


There are thousands of arcade websites on the web however if you build a lot of incoming links and add content to your arcade site I am sure you could make good money with it. WordPress is certainly a good CMS to build an arcade site with. Don’t forget that you can still use any of the thousands of WordPress plugins to enhance your arcade too.

In addition to MochiMedia, you can also download free flash games from Hey Zap and IBP Arcade. You literally have tens of thousands of games at your disposal.

Good luck,

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  • Comment by SalemF

    I developing Arcade Site using WP theme and Done 70% of it
    the theme was for different site and I change it completely to other interface suite for arcade site
    without need to any extra plugins .

  • Comment by danielaloringan

    There are lot of websites where you can embed their games to your website, for exmaple This way you can safe your bandwidth.

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    I don’t know for sure but I suspect so.

  • Comment by Alex

    uhm, i’m using byethost, which is a free hosting, could this be the reason why this happen?

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    WP Arcade will be able to tell you exactly what is causing this though it sounds like the plugin is asking you to contact your host to have your max_execution_time setting increased.

  • Comment by Alex

    Hello Kevin, thank you for the idea, and this is exactly what i want to do
    I’m using WParcade, everything’s okay but i dont know how to set up the “wparcade plugin” to get feed from Mochi, everytime i try to get feed, this warning appears:
    WARNING! Can’t set value for: max_execution_time. If WPArcade Plugin doesn’t work properly, please contact your administrator to increase the value of max_execution_time to 600.

    WARNING! Can’t set value for: time_limit. If WPArcade Plugin doesn’t work properly, please contact your administrator to increase the value of time_limit to 600.

    can you show me how to fix this??

  • Comment by Starfall

    thanks for sharing. I used the wparcade but i dont like the designed theme it has lot of features and loading time is not that good.

  • Comment by Funbrain

    hey i just make one now. thanks for the great tutorial. its work for me.

  • Comment by jogos de motos
    jogos de motos

    hy nice theme you have but can i buy with my paypal acount

  • Comment by Andkon

    Great article and details, I have one wpa arcade theme which is good but loading time is bad. it takes 10-13seconds on 1st load. Very bad for search engine! Hope they will make a theme even without any effect but loads faster like 3-5sec.

  • Comment by Gladiator Games Online
    Gladiator Games Online

    Nice article man. WP arcades are so fun and easy to make. Highly recommended for anyone looking to get into website creation.

  • Comment by MMORPG Liste
    MMORPG Liste

    Great post you have. I was looking at a site, forum and article that can help me how to create arcade game with on my wordpress blog. Excellent article you have. Thank you for sharing this information.

  • Comment by 3d tetris
    3d tetris

    thoes themes look wicked, im going to try it.

  • Comment by capitanhook

    very nice post thanks daniel for his good api and theme

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