Launch A Professional Coupon Website With CouponPress

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Coupons are still a popular way of making money through the web. The model is simple; companies give their affiliates coupons so that they can give their visitors discounts and encourage more sales. One of the easiest ways of launching a coupon website is by using the CouponPress theme from PremiumPress.

CouponPress promotes itself as an ‘out of the box’ coupon solution. It’s hard to argue with this when you look at all of the themes features. PremiumPress state that it comes with ’20+ custom designs’ though this is perhaps stretching the truth a little. In reality there are 20+ different colour schemes of the same design. This is not necessarily a bad thing as the design is very professional looking (though I would happily trade several of those colour schemes for the inclusion of a different design).

One of the themes best features is the ability to import coupons from services such as iCodes and For Me To Coupon. You can also import CSV files which means you can import data from the majority of online affiliate networks..

CouponPress WordPress Theme

Those of you who are looking for numerous ways to make money from your coupon website will be pleased to know that there are several advertising areas integrated into the design. Regular banner ads or Google Adsense can be used. You can also charge visitors for submitting coupons to your directory. Members can be charged weekly, monthly or yearly and you can sell your advertising areas to them too.

Coupons frequently expire after a set period of time so you can set coupons to expire. This ensures that visitors don’t get frustrated by using inactive coupons.

Everything in CouponPress is controlled through the themes unique admin page. Features can be switched off and on from here and monthly sales chart is displayed too. Currency and language settings can also be adjusted here.

CouponPress is a great solution for anyone who is looking to launch a professional looking coupon website. A license for CouponPress retails for $79. The license permits you to install the theme on an unlimited number of websites and buyers will get the original Photosop PSD files and lifetime support and free upgrades.


Link: CouponPress WordPress Theme