Congratulations to Our ThemeFuse Giveaway Winners!

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Recently, WPHub ran a contest to give away two free ThemeFuse WordPress themes. To enter, all a WPHub readers had to do was follow our site on Twitter, @WPHub. Then, they had to create the following Tweet and blast it out: “Thanks to @WPHUB – I just entered the Free ThemeFuse Contest via” Entrants could also receive extra credit by friending WPHub on Facebook or giving us a +1 on Google+.

Who won, you ask? Who is taking home a new WordPress theme on our dime? The winners, who were selected at random by, were Tarik Saifullah and Johnny Barslev. Both WPHub readers have already been contacted and given access to their themes already. Congratulations!

Look for additional giveaways from WPHub where we’ll be awarding even more WordPress themes and other prizes to our loyal followers. You can view the promotion we currently have going HERE. Our most recent giveaway, for example, was a ColorLabs Theme Framework Bundle. Each bundle included backbone and child themes that can be rolled out onto as many websites as your heart desires.

The overall response to our ThemeFuse giveaway was awesome. Posters on WPHub shared with the masses how they’d use a brand new theme. One WPHub user, “Gomo,” wrote, “Looking forward to using it for my new blog!” Another WPHub member, “Pietro,” noted, “I will use the theme to convert my blog. I hope I can do it thanks to WPHub and not buy it on my own!”

We’ve reviewed a total of 19 ThemeFuse WordPress themes here on WPHub so far. One of the most visually robust ones we’ve found is called SportEdge, which is specifically designed for sports sites. You can showcase oversized images on SportEdge and even integrate live scores, which would be a sports fan’s dream scenario. All of the images on SportEdge, which will set you back $49, are controlled from a backend interface, which makes the theme suitable even for a novice user.

Another ThemeFuse product that caught our eye is Bon Apetit, which is targeted to restaurants. Our review of Bon Apetit explains why it should be on your radar if you’re in the culinary industry: “The Bon Apetit site should appeal to those who either have a restaurant that needs an online presence or who have a site that’s based around the art of cooking. Its design mimics a menu, having very clear fonts and intuitive navigation.”

WPHub would like to give a big ‘Thank you’ to all who participated and for those who did not win this time be sure to check back to WPHub frequently for more giveaways!