Congratulations to Our ColorLabsProject Giveaway Winners

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Recently, WPHub ran a contest where three lucky readers received a free ColorLabsProject Framework Bundle license. Each Bundle is pretty all encompassing and includes more than 10 backbone and child themes that can be used for any website out there, making the gift perfect for WordPress developers of all shapes and sizes.

In case you missed it, we should probably tell you how you could have won. Then, we’ll let you know who walked away with a license. To qualify, a person merely had to follow us on Twitter (@WPHUB). Then, they had to blast out the following 137-character Tweet: “Thanks to @WPHUB – I just entered the Free ColorLabsProject Framework Bundle contest via” It was as easy as that.

Okay, onto the winners. Drum roll… the three lucky recipients of the ColorLabsProject Framework Bundle license were @gramcrackers, @iblogzone, and @kerouac_zoso. Thanks to the trio for following WPHub on Twitter and helping spread the word about our community. Look for plenty of other exciting giveaways in the future if you didn’t have a chance to partake in this one.

You could tell the Framework Bundle was a popular prize, as in our announcement about the contest, we had several readers share how they’d use the license if they claimed one. The WPHub reader “Loc-Rabbirt” was among those weighing in: “Really simple contest… If I am one of the 3 people, I will use it to build a custom WP IM blog for me.” Another reader stressed the fact that he could use it on his forthcoming websites: “I will use the Bundle for my new projects.”

The contest ran from November 19th to 29th and entrants could receive extra credit by giving WPHub a +1 on Google+ and leaving a comment in the original announcement. Again, we’d like to thank everyone who entered.

Let’s talk about our next giveaway, which is currently ongoing. WPHub has teamed up with Dev4press to shell out three premium theme licenses. The best part about this contest is that the winners can pick any theme they’d like. Seriously, you can pick any theme you want. The rules are the same as the ColorLabsProject Framework Bundle giveaway and the promotion runs through December 20th. So, if you want to win one, send out your Tweet today.

WPHub has reviewed 45 ColorLabs WordPress themes. Many of them have artsy names like Archieplus and Allegro and serve a wide variety of purposes. One of the WordPress themes from ColorLabs that caught our eye is called Adam and Eve, which, according to our review, “is a special niche theme designed for couples, enabling them to publish information relevant to their relationship.” It can be split up into two customizable columns and will set you back $49. In addition to sharing spaghetti, you can now share a WordPress site. How cute!