Color Labs Upgrades Framework, Launches Slider Plugin

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The staff at Color Labs Project has spent the better part of a month upgrading products and releasing new tools that work with their existing theme line. Last week, the company announced the launch of Color Labs Framework Version 1.7, an upgrade which boasts the core WordPress media uploader that does away with upload permission issues.

Color Labs Media Uploader

The framework now includes an all new color picker, which is basically a customizable hexadecimal tool that allows even beginning webmasters to choose the palette of their choice for theme background color. This back-end feature can be extremely useful in determining which color scheme works best for your website’s content without having to manually go into the Editor and deal with actual code.

Streamlined Code

The Color Labs staff has also used the new framework upgrade as a reason to provide streamlined code (this has been done with all of the firm’s themes as well) in order to bring premium downloads up to par with the current high standards that WordPress developers worldwide have come to expect. All AJAX processes are now within the WordPress environment; making them much more secure according to Color Labs. If you are in the process of using a Color Labs theme on your website, you should notice an automatic update link at the top of your Admin Panel.

Current customers will also notice that all of the premium themes contained within the Color Labs catalog are now WordPress 3.5 compatible.

Color Labs Compatibility

An official Color Labs blog post states, “As previously posted, we’ve updated several themes to work with WordPress 3.5. Now, we are glad to announce that all our themes are updated; codes are structured according to the latest WordPress Coding Standards, all PHP warnings are removed, any WordPress deprecated functions are replaced and all themes are tested with a dummy content from WordPress.”

New SlideWizard Plugin

On April 8th, Color Labs announced the arrival of an easy to use WordPress Slider Plugin dubbed SlideWizard.

SlideWizard Plugin

Developer Arif Widipratomo wrote Monday, “Let’s say you want to create a showcase of your photo from your Instagram account, timeline from your Twitter or you are a designer who wants to show your work from Dribble. Here comes SlideWizard to fill your need. SlideWizard is a WordPress plugin for creating a slider from many sources. SlideWizard is able to fetch photos or data from various sources. In this version, it can fetch data from Twitter, Dribbble, Flickr, Instagram, RSS Feed and WordPress posts. In the future, we will add more sources, such as Facebook and Pinterest.

The SlideWizard creation page is very simple and the interface is very easy to use. The preview section is at the top and the options section is at the bottom. For every change you make in options, the preview section will automatically refresh and reflect the change.”

Color Labs Product Catalog

At current count, Color labs offers more than two dozen premium WordPress themes to its customers – all of which serve a specific niche such as blogging, e-Commerce, business, journalism, etc. The firm offers “Single Packs” for purchasing one theme at a time, or you can opt for the Bundle Packages that require a yearly membership for either all e-Commerce downloads, 30 stand alone variety themes or more than ten backbone and child themes.

If you need a responsive design for your current themes, Color Labs suggest using the MobileView plugin that can be downloaded directly from their site. The plugin means that your content will adjust to fit the screen size of an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Samsung Galaxy, etc.

If you would like to try out the new WordPress slider plugin, visit the SlideWizard Info Page.