Code Garage Migration To VaultPress Begins

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In December of last year, VaultPress parent company Automattic released a statement announcing that it had acquired Code Garage and would be taking over the website backup and security service. On Wednesday, May 15th, the Automattic staff at long last published their plan for migrating Code Garage over to VaultPress while at the same time ensuring current Code Garage customers receive the same high quality of service they’ve grown accustomed to.

“Today we’re happy to announce a migration plan that provides Code Garage users with the protection they’re used to — while letting us improve security and backup services for everyone by focusing our resources on VaultPress,” wrote VaultPress contributor Peter Butler. “Through July 1, all Code Garage customers are invited to migrate to VaultPress. To sweeten the deal, your first two months are on us — you won’t see a charge from Code Garage or VaultPress for two months after the migration. After those 2 months, your Code Garage bill will remain unchanged – you’ll keep paying what you’ve been paying as a Code Garage customer.”

Code Garage To VaultPress

Although it is clear the VaultPress staff is anticipating a large percentage of Code Garage users to make the move over the next month and a half, some will not. For those Code Garage customers who do not ultimately migrate to VaultPress, service will be maintained until July 1st with the final month uncharged.

VaultPress Lite For Code Garage Migration

Customers of Code Garage who decide to migrate to VaultPress will also receive another benefit in the meantime. Butler informed on Wednesday that “Code Garage customers who decide to give VaultPress a try will get a VaultPress Lite plan with the addition of daily security scans. As a VaultPress customer, you’ll also have access to standard VaultPress services like automated restores, restore to alternate site, and the fantastic VaultPress support staff. To make sure nothing falls through the cracks, you’ll have access your original Code Garage backup snapshots for 30 days after migrating.”

The Migration Process

Migrating to VaultPress can be done in just a few simple steps. There has been an automated migration tool set up for Code Garage users that begins at the Code Garage Dashboard. From there, you will need to go to the VaultPress Migration Page, and click on the corresponding red box. This will create an identical VaultPress account for your website(s), at which point the user will be allowed to login and begin the actual process (this only takes a few seconds in real time). Once completed, there are no further migration actions necessary on the customer’s behalf.

“We’ve given this a lot of thought over the past few months, and I’m confident that this move will give current Code Garage customers — who I’ve grown quite attached to over the past 2 years — with the best possible service and technology moving forward,” said Butler.

VaultPress Service

For website owners who have never heard of the VaultPress company, it basically provides a backup and security service with three total price plans. Ensuring your site is backed up at all times can be of utmost importance in case of data loss, and this is VaultPress’ specialty as it is capable of restoring data while at the same time performing security scans and even providing one-click solutions to premium customers.

Thanks to the recent release of VaultPress Lite, low budgets can be accommodated through a monthly pricing structure of $5, with the Basic and Premium services available for $15 and $40 monthly respectively. To find out more about the VaultPress service or to subscribe, click on the following link to visit VaultPress directly and begin taking advantage of its services immediately.