CleanBold Offers Minimalistic Design For Portfolio Websites

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If you’ve been keeping up with the latest news from, then you know that the firm released its latest premium WordPress theme earlier this week in the form of CleanBold; a download which offers a minimalistic design for portfolio sites and freelancers.

The official product page states that “CleanBold is ultra-clean and simple portfolio WordPress theme which was designed with businesses and designers in mind. Using lots of whitespace and simple but bold typography its a great theme for letting your products work stand out. The main focus is the portfolio area which lets you show off your designs, products, art or photography in style.”

CleanBold by ThemeFurnace

CleanBold Layout

There are several ways a webmaster could decide to format the CleanBold theme depending on whether it is being used for a business portfolio purpose or for freelancing talent. The minimalistic design beings with a very clean slot for your site’s logo along with a top navigational bar which includes drop down menus for sub categories.

There is a featured content slider immediately below your website’s description that can be used to automatically rotate slides and display them for the reader to view at his/her discretion. There are also arrow icons on the bottom right of the module which can be clicked or tapped on to manually manipulate each entry.

If you are using this theme for an online business platform, there is a three column homepage blurbs section that is ideal for relaying additional information to your clients. Each comes with its own icon and text, plus the ability to click through to view more.

CleanBold Blurbs

If you would like to show clients screenshot thumbnails of your recent projects, you can do so by simply inserting the photos via the back and letting online viewers click on the image to see additional data related to past clients and projects.

Responsive Design

CleanBold is fully responsive and will automatically adjust the size of your content as well as its layout to fit the screen size of smart phones and tablet computers. This is a great default tool for those who are anticipating a significant amount of mobile visitors because there is no extra code work required to make this feature work.

Simply adjust your browser’s window size when viewing the CleanBold Demo and witness how the layout changes. The responsive design will work for an iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, iPad, Android, Samsung Galaxy and similar devices.

Easy To Use Options Panel

When you purchase a premium theme from ThemeFurnace, you will use the back-end Options Panel to manage your website. This panel itself is very easy to use and does not need any code work on behalf of the website owner. All you have to do is program your content in the appropriate slots and choose the formats you’d like to implement, then let the framework do the rest of the work.

ThemeFurnace Options Panel

Aside from the CleanBold Homepage, you can use custom page templates to program your website with different pages. The menu can be found on the right-hand side whenever creating or editing a page.

CleanBold Portfolio

Custom page templates can be used to publish and independent blog, contact page or portfolio section that can add an enormous amount of versatility to your website. By dividing content up into separate regions and mixing up the layout of your pages, you can add variety that is attractive to the front-end user.

CleanBold is fully widgetized via its sidebar and can hold advertisement banners, calendars, recent post links, search functions, meta info and more. There is a separate Widgets section within the control panel that will allow you to decide which widgets to insert. This will also work for social media feeds.