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Kreative Themes recently posted about a great resource that I thought I’d share with you all. FoldTester is a free service that allows you to quickly how visitors around the world see your website.

After entering your website URL, the site places a grid over your website and shows you how a certain percentage of people around the world are viewing your website, based on data gathered from millions of websites. The opacity of the grid can be changed to allow you to see your website or grid better. It s also important to align your website to the legt or grid using the tool accordingly (depending on how your design is aligned). This will allow you to see the grid correctly.


FoldTester is a simple tool however it is very useful. Millions of websites around the web still have designs which give horizontal scrollbars to a large percentage of readers. This service lets you quickly see what your visitors see. I recommend checking it out.


Link: FoldTester

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  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    Thanks Rowan. I’m sure readers will find that article useful :)

  • Comment by rowan

    Hey Kevin, just take note that the percentages listed (of viewers for each fold show) don’t always apply to your site (depending on your typical readers, etc).

    You can check it against your one Google Analytics data for the best results. I covered it in a blog post http://conversionoptimizationtips.com//see-what-your-visitors-see-with-google-analytics-and-fold-tester

  • Comment by Jarkko

    I’ve been thinking the situation a lot but now that site showed me what to change. I need a new design asap heh