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ServerBuddy is a configuration plugin from PluginBuddy (owned by iThemes). It’s main use is to check the quality and security of your hosting setup.

PluginBuddy originally created it ServerBuddy test the compatibility of some of their other plugins such as BackUpBuddy and Gravity Forms though it’s a useful plugin for any WordPress user, particularly those who are having trouble with their WordPress installation or with a plugin not working properly.

The plugin tests dozens of hosting settings and displays their values in a report. It also gives each setting a value of OK, Warning or Fail.

ServerBuddy WordPress Plugin

As you can see from the above image, WP Mods got 1 warning and 3 fails. You shouldn’t be alarmed by getting a few warnings or fails though if your WordPress installation is running with no problems. However, if you run into a problem with WordPress or a plugin, it’s worth checking the ServerBuddy report to see if it highlights any issues.

The plugin also produces a small report on WordPress which lists your blogs active plugins, general plugins and security settings.

It’s obviously possible to verify all of the settings which ServerBuddy checks yourself, either via your hosting admin area or directly via a terminal. Though this plugin makes the whole process pain free and specifically highlights which settings are important to WordPress installations. I recommend checking it out :)

Download : ServerBuddy

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  • Comment by Cory Miller
    Cory Miller

    Kevin, thanks for the post on our free ServerBuddy plugin … we hope that others will take advantage of it to help increase security holes in their sites.