Put Your WordPress Website In Maintenance Mode With CGC Maintenance Mode Pro

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Pippin Williamson has developed a useful maintenance plugin for WordPress entitled CGC Maintenance Mode Pro.

The plugin can be switched on or off at any time. You can also set a timer for maintenance mode to start and finish at a set time and date. Once maintenance mode is enabled you can restrict access to your website to specific IP addresses.

Unauthorised users can be directed to one of your WordPress pages, an external URL or a custom template that can be modified using the plugin. You can choose from a dark, green or light template.

CGC Maintenance Mode Pro

Through the plugin admin area you can control how your template is displayed. You can set a timer to be displayed at the top of the template and upload your logo directly here too.

CGC Maintenance Mode Pro

You can also embed a video through in your template if you want and set the title and main text of the page.

CGC Maintenance Mode Pro

CGC Maintenance Mode Pro is an incredibly useful plugin if you need to turn your website off to work on something in the back end. The included templates are perhaps a little basic so I think that redirecting to a custom page on your website is a better option as it allows visitors to view your website with it’s usual design.

A regular license for CGC Maintenance Mode Pro retails for $12 from CodeCanyon. I recommend checking it out if you are looking for an easy way to restrict who sees your website when you are working on it and what message unauthorised users see.


Link: CGC Maintenance Mode Pro

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  • Comment by George Serradinho
    George Serradinho

    Although I always thought there was no real purpose to having a plugin like this, I have been using the one a few times in the last month or two.

    My current one is very basic and this one seems more advanced. Might download it and use instead of the other one.