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CataBlog is a plugin created by Zachary Segal that can be used to create catalogs, stores and galleries for a WordPress powered blog or website.


Simply put, CataBlog lets you upload images, provide titles, links and other related info to them, and organize (or ‘categorize’, if you’re into technically sound vocabulary) those images into catalogs apt for simple yet visually stunning galleries. CataBlog can handle multiple catalogs and galleries as well.

A Gallery Powered by CataBlog in Action
A Gallery Powered by CataBlog in Action

Major Features:

First up, CataBlog comes with Lightbox, so you can display your images in high resolution too. It offers support to filter multiple categories of images using short codes. In terms of sorting, you can specify whether your catalog is sorted using date, order, title or just randomly.

It also offers you total control over your catalog’s HTML code and claims to be functional with WordPress MU as well. If you have numerous images to add, you may upload them via FTP in bulk and import the same into CataBlog. However, the feature that really catches the eye is the fact that you can import or export your catalog in entirety (currently, CataBlog supports import/export in two formats, namely XML and CSV).

The CataBlog Options page has a neat layout under the following heads:

  • Thumbnails: Lets you specify thumbnail size, background, etc.
  • Lightbox: Lightbox settings, jQuery, etc.
  • Public: Settings about individual and category pages
  • Title: Link titles and targets
  • Description: Filters and short codes
  • Template: Lets you edit HTML code of the catalog rendered by CataBlog.
  • Store: Useful if you intend to setup an e-store.
  • Export: Export data to an XML or CSV file.
  • Import: Import data from an existing file.
  • Systems: Settings such as upload folders, images, and uninstall options.

And finally, before I forget, CataBlog also offers localized versions in Spanish, Swedish and German.

CataBlog Options Page
CataBlog Options Page


CataBlog seems to be an indispensable plugin if you intend to create a gallery or setup a store using your WordPress website. It offers all the features you might ever need from a plugin in its league, and its totally free!

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