Buy Me A Beer, The Definitive Paypal Donation DIY

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There is a plugin floating around that takes your Paypal donation button and turns it into a beer mug, allowing your readers to donate money for your “beer fund”. While this may not be a subtle approach, it gets the idea across that the money will be used personally. Donations generally come in more plentiful amounts when they have a clearly outlined reason or purpose.

We’re going to take the generalized idea of this plugin and create a unique icon that can be combined with the Paypal donation button. But instead of using the actual plugin to do our dirty work, we’re going to handle creating a new icon ourselves; this way we can design different icons depending on preference and won’t be stuck with a rather brash beer mug. Obviously the first thing to decide is what you would like to use for your new icon; some great ideas include a coffee mug, martini glass, ninja shuriken, portable gasoline can, or a carton of milk. You get the idea- really anything can be used as the icon to show your readers where the money will be going. In some cases it does help if you have a sense of humor.

To create the icon we want to start with a 100×100 square pixel space that has a completely transparent background (the transparent background will help ensure the icon blends into your blog theme correctly). It can be an image of anything we described above or can be personalized to whatever (image) you wish. After you have created the icon image make sure you save it in an easily accessible location for later.

Next login to your WordPress admin panel and upload the image icon you just saved, but before finalizing the deal and closing the image information window, copy the entire image URL to your clipboard. When you have done this you must then navigate and log into your Paypal merchant account.

Payal Merchant Services Tab and Donation Button MenuAfter successfully logging in, navigate to the “Merchant Services” tab, this will take you to a large list of Paypal merchant options and services available for your account. Under the “Create Buttons” section select the “Donate” option. This will bring you to a menu that allows you to create a custom Paypal “Donate” button which is pre-linked to your account.

Fill out the information as you normally would and when finished select the “customize text or appearance” option. Leave the box next to “use a smaller button” unchecked but do make sure to put a check mark in the box labeled “display credit card logos”, this will get rid of those pesky and demanding credit card images underneath. Select the “use your own image” option and then paste the URL of the image we uploaded to your WordPress panel earlier. Before selecting the “create” button review the alternate menus and ensure wanted or unwanted features have been enabled/disabled.Paypal Use Custom Image Menu

After you are finished and have selected the “create” button, Paypal will spit out a customized HTML code which you can place anywhere on your blog. More specifically the donation button can be placed anywhere by utilizing your active themes source files (header.php, footer.php etc.). After you have successfully placed the donation button in the desired blog location, readers can then freely donate money to your Paypal account!

Now sit back and let that beer money roll in! After writing your scheduled blog posts of course…

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  • Comment by jeff

    Love the plugin. Who could resist buying somebody a beer?

  • Comment by Gidea

    Check out :)) No one is sending beers to my friend, his whole dream collapsed :))

    But useful info, thanks :)

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    Nice post. But you did’t where to find it.