Create WordPress Pages Quickly With Bulk Page Creator WordPress Plugin

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Bulk Page Creator is a handy little plugin that you will find useful if you create a lot of websites using WordPress. It lets you quickly add multiple pages to your website from one page. By default WordPress creates an about page with every installation though with Bulk Page Creator you could easily create additional pages such as contact, links, subscribe or info.

The plugin lists existing pages in a list. Underneath is the add pages mode. All you have to do is enter the name of the page and click the add page button. If you enable multiple pages mode you can create an infinite number of pages by separating page names by commas.

Bulk Page Creator WordPress Plugin

By default the plugin is setup to create empty pages though you can choose to set pages content and enter the content of the page you are creating. The box for doing this is fairly basic though and lacks the options that the WordPress post editor offers.

Bulk Page Creator WordPress Plugin

If you are building a lot of content websites using WordPress or if you build websites for clients regularly, you may find Bulk Page Creator to be a great time saver when you are initially setting a site up. Worth checking out :)


Link: Bulk Page Creator

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