Bulk Editing Posts With WordPress

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Let’s paint a scenario: It’s Friday evening and your ready to go home, but you’re waiting for your last writer to submit his post before you leave the office. Finally his post comes in and you notice something quite frustrating- your writer has decided to use a pen name, thus ultimately changing his author name. You suddenly realize the night will be long, as you have to edit all existing posts to reflect the name change.

Ok so realistically maybe an editor would just say no to the last minute “pen-name” change, but let’s just say for this tutorials sake it really did happen. Would you want to edit every post to reflect the name change one-by-one? In fact, have you ever needed to change the related category info on multiple posts simultaneously? How about the various tags, altering the completion status, or even several comments?

The WordPress admin interface has an integrated feature for bulk changing previously published, or pending posts all at once. Which ultimately means, no editing posts or adding in information one-by-one. This feature can obviously be very useful and time conserving when used correctly.

Thankfully enough, since this feature is already integrated into WordPress, there is no need to alter important source files or theme files.

The first thing you must do is navigate to your “Posts” section in your WordPress dash-board. After doing so, you’ll notice there is a tick box to the left of every post listed, simply choose which posts you would like to edit by clicking inside the empty box (a check will appear to display that it is indeed selected). Next, choose the “edit” option from the “Bulk Actions” dropdown menu above the list and then select “apply”.

Another drop-down menu will appear (refer to the image on the right) which allows certain “Bulk” editing options. More specifically, the post information which can be changed includes deleting posts altogether, editing and adding new categories, adding post tags, enabling/disabling comments, altering the overall status of the post (published, draft, etc.), and enabling/disabling pings and stickys.

As you can see, the integrated WordPress feature makes bulk editing multiple posts simultaneously very simple!

Now you can get out of the office and back home without spending your entire Friday night changing your favorite writer’s pen-name.

Comments (3)

  • Comment by Isaiah Joe
    Isaiah Joe

    Thanks a lot, i really love the help here, i want to edit and remove some abusive words in 601+ posts and you just shared the method here.


  • Comment by Adam

    Thank you. You just saved me 3 hours of brain numbing work! I was actually looking for a plugin that added a bulk action change to draft.

  • Comment by Dave Simmons
    Dave Simmons

    Indeed a great feature but ultimately useless for your opening scenario as I am unable to find a part of it to alter the author name.

    It is possible I’ve overlooked something, but I’ve searched and have found nothing to edit the name of the author.