Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin

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Broken Link Checker is a great plugin which searches all of your website and looks for links to incorrect URL’s, missing images and redirects.

It searches through posts, pages, comments, custom fields and your blogroll too. Complete details of all links are listed in the broken links area. Most links should be working fine and will show a status ‘200 OK’ code to reflect this. Broken links and redirects which aren’t working are also shown.

Broken Links Checker WordPress Plugin

The information is also displayed in your dashboard for easy reference. This is handy as it saves you from having to check links every week manually; you simply need to quickly check your WordPress dashboard when you login to your site.

Broken Links Checker Dashboard

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the plugin has it’s own settings area. Normally plugins of this type do not offer much customisation but Broken Links Checker allows to you to adjust how links are set.

You can decide how often links are checked (default is 72 hours), specify where the plugin looks for broken links, stop search engines from following broken links and much more.

By far the best feature in my opinion is the ability to email yourself with details of any new broken links that appear on your site. This is a fantastic feature and one which I think everyone will find useful.

Broken Links Checker Settings

It’s simply impossible to avoid having broken links on your site. Even if you are super careful with your own content and make sure the URL of every page you link to is correct, you cannot stop other websites from moving pages around and changing URL structures.

In short, Broken Link Checker is a plugin which I think everyone would benefit from using. I recommend installing it and then moving the dashboard widget to the top right hand side of your admin home page so that can easily see if any links have expired. Alternatively, take advantage of the email feature to make sure you are always informed of outdated links.


Download Link: Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin