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I seem to be hearing about WPEngine from everyone. It’s like playing slug-a-bug as a kid in the car, as soon as you start looking for VW Bugs they are all of a sudden everywhere. Well, we here at WPHub recently switch to WPEngine for hosting and ever since I became aware of their company it’s like I keep hearing about them where ever I go (within the WordPress community…not like, at the grocery store). The crazy thing to me is that when this sort of thing happens it’s usually bad. It’s simple math. When you do something wrong, a customer will tell 10 people. When you do something right, they’ll maybe tell 5 people. But here I am hearing WPEngine get dropped into WordPress conversations everywhere and NOTHING I hear is bad!

At the very least, I thought that deserved a blog post. So for all of you out there who haven’t heard of WPEngine yet, they’re a rising star in the WordPress Hosting industry and apparently they’ve got some serious chops. They only host WordPress sites and have an entire staff of WordPress experts. They provide services that are reasonable for the individual blogger but also scale way up to the mega site sphere too. Oh, and they average a load time that is 4x faster than the competition. But that only scratches the surface. Lets take a look at their full service overview.

WPEngine Service Overview

As you can see in the graphic below, WP Engine has a lot to offer just about anyone who is serious about their WordPress site. Or rather, anyone who is serious about spending their time and effort on creating great content rather than toying with supplying their own tech support. WP Engine provides expert support, faster load times, increased security, reliable backups, and so much more.


The WP Engine Hype

Something that has impressed me, as I mentioned above, is that insane amount of customer hype and excitement over the service they’re receiving from WP Engine. Here are a few of my favorites…

My site loads ridiculously fast, my page views are up, and my business is seeing the results. I rest easy at night with the level of support. My only regret: that I didn’t move to WP Engine Sooner. — Phil Simon, Author of The Age of the Platform

After hosting several high traffic WordPress sites it’s a relief to come to WP Engine. At SoundCloud we were looking for a hassle free provider to set up our blogs at, which we found in these guys. Swift replies, but also very open to feedback and eager to improve. Almost like unicorns! — Roel Van Der Ven,

My site was under attack from a Distributed Denial of Service attack on my old shared host. I was getting 1.5 million requests per hour that took my site down and 20 other sites who were also hosting on the same server.

It took the old host three days to identify the problem, and even then offered no real solution. I switched to WPEngine and within hours the DDOS was dealt with *and* my website was loading about four times faster.

I definitely recommend WP Engine! — David Vogelpohl

I was also impressed by some of the names I came across when looking over the WP Engine team section. Two investors in particular made me pause and think, “Ah. Yep. These guys must be for real.” Those names were Toni Scheider, CEO of Automattic (the creators of WordPress), and Dharmesh Shah, the founder and CTO of HubSpot, writer for, founder of Pyramid, and member of Common Angels. He’s also an MIT Alumni and a major thought leader in the world of tech startups.

Our Experience

Now, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I wasn’t even aware of WP Engine until we switched over to them. So how has that experience been for us here at WPHub? Well, I don’t personally deal with the WP Engine team myself but I’ve been told by our guys that they love the service they’re getting…and as you can see in the images below our speed is way up. We couldn’t recommend them highly enough!



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