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Tobias from WP Fanatics posted a link the other day in my ‘500 Creative 404 Error Pages‘ post about a great screenshot generation plugin called BM Shots. Developed by Binary Moon (hence the BM), BM Shots is a great script which allows you to automatically generate screenshots of websites using PHP or shortcode.

This is a useful resource for those who want to show a picture of the website they are referring to in their content.

To generate the plugin you just need to use the shortcode ‘browsershot‘ or PHP function ‘bm_mshot‘. An example of a screenshot I generated today can be seen below.

BM Shots WordPress Plugin

Tobias suggested that I use this plugin in WP Mods articles which include a lot of screenshots. I don’t believe that it’s suitable for this though as the plugin generates a live screenshot of a URL. This is fine in many situations but there’s always the risk of the website owner changing the content on the page so your screenshot may not show what you want it too.

BM Shots is still a very useful plugin though. If you are looking for a quick an easy way to generate a screenshot for a website you are referring to in one of your articles I would encourage you to check BM Shots out.

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Link: BM Shots WordPress Plugin

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  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    I used the print screen button and photoshop to crop it.

    It took a long time. Think I spent the best part of 5 days solid writing the article :)


  • Comment by Tom

    You’ve got me curious now, Kevin. So what did you use to take the 500 screenshots of the 404 pages? How long did it take you?