BloggingNews Version 1.7.8 Includes Trimmed Code, Bug Fixes

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On Wednesday, premium WordPress theme company announced an upgrade to its popular BloggingNews template. In a March 13th blog entry, Meidika Rahmadiaji said, “We always try to make our themes perform better and better, so today we announce that the BloggingNews v1.7.8 update is available. In this update, we have fixed a number of known bugs. Most of them are bugs under the hood so you won’t notice any significant changes on the front-end side.”

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One of the most vital changes to the upgraded version is responsive video embeds. This feature will allow mobile device and tablet computer users who are viewing embedded multimedia content on a website using BloggingNews to watch a customized format of your video. The Color Labs development team also fixed non-translatable string within the theme, and set theme options default values. New widgets are part of Version 1.7.8 (2-column, 3-column and 4-column placeholders), plus the team replaced query_posts with WP_Query, as suggested by the WordPress coding standards. Undefined variables in the codes were removed, as were deprecated functions and wp_list_cats, on the sitemap template along with other unnecessary functions.

BloggingNews Responsive Theme

BloggingNews Responsive Design

One of the default features that has been included in the BloggingNews theme for some time is the fact that it is fully responsive. This means any WordPress website using this template will have its content automatically adjusted to fit the screen sizes of iPhones, Androids, Samsung Galaxy tablets, and iPads.

This important consideration has become vitally important for premium WordPress themes over the past two years because small screen visitors now EXPECT a customized layout that doesn’t force them to manually thumb-scroll and pinch their way horizontally through a given page.

BloggingNews Homepage

The online magazine/newspaper theme from Color Labs boasts two advertisement banners at the very top of the homepage that can be used for banners as well as in-house sponsorships. After that, there is a top navigational bar (drop down menus are used for sub-categories) followed by a Breaking news module on the left. The main corporate logo slot is centered and leads into a featured story.

The Main feed is displayed in two separate, categorized columns with tiny thumbnail images, while a separate “Other News” module is laid out in a single row with four columns. Finally, there are Trending Topics, Photos and Video Post widgets along with plenty other widgetized regions for inserting more ads, recent post links, social media accounts, Twitter feeds, etc.

The news template comes with several custom page templates: Full-Width, Photo Gallery, Contact Us and Sitemap.

To purchase BloggingNews as a stand-alone theme, a $49 one-time fee is required. This will grant a lifetime membership for the theme, which includes support along with all updates and upgrades. If you would like full access to all of Color Labs’ themes (29 at current count), then you can opt for a yearly subscription for the price of $99.

Theme Details

Initially launched on August 5th, 2011, BloggingNews has received a handful of updates and is compatible with the Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera web browsers. It will also work on WordPress 3.5.1 (Elvin) and will function properly on WordPress versions as early as 3.1.

Optimized for Search Engines, the official product page states that BloggingNews “is powered by our all-new theme options panel and integrated with a comprehensive SEO management system. BloggingNews will turn your WordPress site into a simple-yet-powerful news management system with an automatic thumbnail generation feature.”

To find out more about the latest update to this Color Labs theme, visit the BloggingNews Theme Page or click on the following link to view a Live Demo Of The BloggingNews Theme.