Clothing And Literature Voted Best E-Commerce Niche Categories

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Last week, we created a poll which asked our readers to reflect on the recent wave of e-Commerce WordPress themes and chime-in on what they felt was the best niche category for the industry. Selections included video games, clothing & apparel, real estate, automobiles and literature. With the votes cast, two sectors proved more popular over the other choices: literature and clothing.

Poll Results

The two markets have shown quite a bit of promise in recent years, especially with the invention of premium WordPress themes that require no coding in order to perform immediately. Integrated shopping cart systems combined with PayPal capabilities and additional plugins for payment processors have greatly facilitated the sale of merchandise online compared to a decade ago, when a high-traffic retail website entailed an enormous amount of pre-launch programming along with continuous maintenance.

Clothing & Apparel

It’s not surprising to see how Clothing & Apparel performed well in last week’s poll when you consider how extensive the range of items can be. Due to worldwide demand and over saturation in local regions, shoppers from one hemisphere can purchase items across the globe instantly and have them securely delivered in a matter of days. It has also become increasingly difficult for traditional brick & mortar stores to compete as they deal with rising overhead and decreased foot traffic.

New applications such as the one offered by Amazon allow would-be buyers to compare prices and shop around for the best bargain within a mall, but the trend is overwhelming going in the direction of online retail. There’s also the inventory equation; where virtual stores can outdo just about any local merchant and permit customers to obtain rare garments which would otherwise be out of stock.

Watches, clothing, perfume, cologne, and other types of apparel are bartered online 24 hours every day of the year, and that is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.


The literature category includes digital media and CDs, downloadable books (both text and audio) as well as vintage items. There is still a high demand for material that was published a long time ago, and shoppers are enjoying a renewed availability in work that would require extensive travel and money to get a hold of otherwise.

Multimedia has come into its own with sites like YouTube, but copyrighted content has slowly worked its way back into the mainstream after a difficult stretch that began with the Napster website around the turn of the century. However, it is uncertain just how much of a right customers will hold over the content they “own” in upcoming years due to the re-structuring of digital media sales that store purchases in the Cloud rather than locally. The one viewer per purchase concept is catching on quickly and allowing companies to grow profit margins while keeping a tight reign on piracy.

Other E-Commerce Categories

Real Estate themes were included in the poll due to their similarities with other online retail templates. A well designed search function and map plugin are essential for getting customers in the virtual door and seeking out properties. There is also a lot to be said about motor vehicles and how prices are now much more cohesive compared to the old way of actually having to go see the automobile and test drive it before deciding on whether to buy. However, there is an intimidating amount of competition in most regions which make many website owners hesitate at the notion of starting a website dedicated to the sale of cars, trucks, motor homes, boats, etc.

This Week’s Poll

In this week’s poll, we would like to know which color scheme our readers prefer when designing their own WordPress site. There are only three options to choose from: black & white, earth tones and flashy colors. You can check out our article here to make your vote count.