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I updated this article on February 22nd, 2013. Discontinued items have been removed and new information has been published.

Advertisements are a major part of most websites success. This is particularly true for content sites who rely on income from banner and text advertisements to survive.

Today I will be showing you some useful WordPress plugins which will help you manage, monitor and optimise your websites advertisement inventory. I hope you find the list useful :)

Advanced Ad Management Plugins

Max Banner Ads

Max Banner Ads is a banner ad management plugin which boasts many features. It allows you to create an infinite number of ad zones, it tracks impressions and click throughs and it lets you add banner zones in widget areas too. It also lets you add banner areas directly to blog posts.

Max Banner Ads WordPress Plugin

One of the best ad management plugins available, Max Banner Ads is perfect for those who want to add banners to multiple areas of their website and track impressions and clicks.

Max Banner Ad: Info & Download

Advertwhirl Advertising Manager

Advertising Manager is one of the most advanced ads plugins available for WordPress and works with most of the most popular ad networks on the web. You can also use your own banners.

Advertising Manager WordPress Plugin

It may take you a while to get used to how Advertising Manager works but you will soon see how you can take advantage of it’s many features including inserting ads in blog posts and limiting ads by author, tag or category. You can also add ads via widgets.

A fantastic plugin though I wouldn’t recommend it to those who just want a simple banner rotator.

Advertwhirl Advertising Manager: Info & Download

WP Insert

The self-confessed ultimate WordPress Plugin WP Insert is one of the few plugins which lives up to its name. The plugin lets you easily insert advertisements into any area of your site including blog posts, pages, sidebars and even your RSS feed.

It also boasts additional features such as inserting tracking code (such as Google Analytics) into your header or footer.

WP Insert WordPress Plugin

One of the best ad plugins available. Recommended.

WP Insert: Info & Download

OIO Publisher

OIO Publisher is a premium ad management script which currently retails for $47. It is arguably the most advanced ad management plugin available for WordPress today.

The plugin makes is for those who want to sell advertisements directly to publishers. The script can be installed separately or as a WordPress Plugin. You can add as many zones as you like and sell banner or text links.

If you are struggling to sell your advertising inventory then you should consider using a network such as Advertise Space or BuySellAds. However, if you are getting lots of requests from advertisers directly, you will make a lot more money by selling ads directly. And without doubt, OIO Publisher is currently the best plugin available to let you do that.

OIO Publisher: Info & Download

General Ad Management Plugins

WP Banner

WP Banner allows you to rotate banners from one or several affiliate programs. It can also be used to rotate ad purchases from direct banner sales, with most popular ad sizes being included in the setup.

WP Banner WordPress Plugin

Ad zones can be displayed within a division or via a widget. Worth trying out if you mainly want to display affiliate banners on your site.

WP Banner: Info & Download

Random / Rotating Ads V2

Version 2 of the popular Random Ads Plugin allows you to manually rotate ads of any kind on your website. It does this by generating a PHP function, which can be placed anywhere in your blog template.

Datafeedr Random Ads V2

It’s quite a basic plugin and you can’t give more weight to certain advertisements. Still, if you are looking at a simple script to rotate banner and text ads evenly, it’s worth checking out.

Random / Rotating Ads V2: Info & Download


AdRotate is another plugin which lets you rotate ads, add ad zones and track impressions and click throughs.

AdRotate WordPress Plugin

A good plugin which works well with Adsense and has some great features such as disabling ads after a certain number of views or clicks.

AdRotate: Info & Download

WP Bannerize

WP Bannerize is the ad management plugin which is currently being used on WP Mods.

WP Bannerize WordPress Plugin

The plugin is great for displaying and rotating ads on your website, either via a template or via a widget. Though it does some advanced features which other plugins boast such as stats and setting the time a banner is displayed.

WP Bannerize: Info & Download

WP125 Easy 125×125 Ad Management

Matt Harzewskis WP125 plugin was designed specifically for the popular 125×125 ad format. The plugin lets you expire ads on a day you set. It also tracks the number of banner clicks for each ad.

WP125 WordPress Plugin

A great solution for those who want to display 125×125 banner ads.

WP125 Easy 125×125 Ad Management: Info & Download


WPAds is a simple ad management plugin which lets you display banners in banner zones you define. Unlike WP125, which lets you expire ads on a given date, WPAds lets you set the number of impressions to be displayed for each banner.

WP Ads WordPress Plugin

A simple yet useful banner ad management plugin which will suit those who just want to display and rotate banners.

WPAds: Info & Download


AdServe is an ad management plugin which lets you assign banners to zones, specify the number of impressions for each banner and track the number of clicks. It’s set up so that advertisers can check how their banner is performing.

AdServe WordPress Plugin

A decent plugin which you should look into if you are selling banners directly to advertisers.

AdServe: Info & Download

Who Sees Ads?

Who Sees Ads gives you full control over what visitors see what ads when they visit your site.

Who Sees Ads

A great plugin for those who want to target their ads towards certain readers.

Who Sees Ads?: Info & Download

Post Layout

Post Layout is a fantastic advertisement plugin from Stefano Lissa. It allows you to easily insert advertisements before content, in the middle of content and after content. And you can do this for single blog posts, pages, categories and more.

Post Layout WordPress Plugin

An incredible plugin which is sure to make a lot of peoples lives easier.

Post Layout: Info & Download

Feed Layout

Feed Layout is another good plugin from Stefano Lissa which lets you add ads before and after your content in your RSS Feed.

Feed Layout WordPress Plugin

A good option for those who want to add banners or text links to their RSS feed. Could also be used to add a copyright notice to your feed.

Feed Layout: Info & Download

Ads For Old Posts

Ads For Old Posts is a great plugin which lets you insert advertisements into blog posts of a certain age. Ads can be aligned at the top left or right of posts.

Ads For Old Posts WordPress Plugin

Works great with Google Adsense though would work well with banners and text links too.

Ads For Old Posts: Info & Download

Author Advertising

Author Advertising lets you insert Google Adsense into blog posts and give a set percentage (which you define) to the post author.

Author Advertising WordPress Plugin

Although a basic plugin, it’s useful for those who use Google Adsense on their blog and want an easy way to distribute a percentage of income to them.

Author Advertising: Info & Download

Advertising Management

Advertising Management is another plugin which lets you insert advertising directly into blog posts, pages and other areas in your site.

Advertising Management WordPress Plugin

A simple plugin but one which does it’s job very well. Perfect for those who are looking for a simple way of adding banners to their site and don’t need all the bells and whistles.

Advertising Management: Info & Download

Affiliate Site Plugins

Buy Sell Ads

The Buy Sell Ads plugin from Thaya Kareeson is specifically for those who use BuySellAds to sell their banner space. It allows you to manage your ads more easily and stops your ads being blocked by anti-ad software.

BuySellAds WordPress Plugin

BuySellAds publishers should definitely look into installing this.

Buy Sell Ads: Info & Download

WP Tag Ads

WP Tag Ads lets you display eBay auction listings on your blog according to the post tags within your blog posts.

WP Tag Ads WordPress Plugin

A good plugin for those who want to promote eBay through their blogs. Below is an example of the advertisement it produces:

WP Tag Ads WordPress Plugin

WP Tag Ads: Info & Download

Google Adsense Plugins

WhyDoWork AdSense Plugin

WhyDoWork AdSense lets you easily insert Google Adsense ads into all areas of your blog.

WhyDoWork AdSense WordPress Plugin

Suitable for those who are only use Google Adsense on their site. Those who use banners as well might perhaps try out something else which accommodates advertisements of any kind.

WhyDoWork AdSense Plugin: Info & Download


I hope you find this list of ad management scripts useful. I recommend downloading a few to see which one suits your needs as there isn’t a clear cut choice for everyone. Some of the basic plugins may be more than enough for what you need whilst others may need more advanced features.

If you know of any good advertisement plugins which have been missed out from this list please let me know and I will update the list.

Good luck,

* Plugins which were tried for this article but produced errors: Ad Minister, ISIS Ads Management (download link broken)

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  • Comment by Erdöl BIRAMEN
    Erdöl BIRAMEN

    Great work!
    How about WP AdCenter, AdPress, AdSanity, OpenX, DirectAdsMarket and Billboard? Are these not good enough to be included in your list?

  • Comment by Konya Kepenk
    Konya Kepenk

    Thank you. An enjoyable article.

  • Comment by Tom

    Which plugin will allow to post ads (affiliate) in between posts?  Just like the ads that are between the posts of this site

  • Comment by Rasel Rony
    Rasel Rony

    wow, great list of ad management plugin, I’m currently using adrorate and wp125, both are cool, thanks for sharing the plugins

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    Oiopublisher can help you sell/post text links anywhere on your site :)

  • Comment by Edille


    Thanks for sharing these tips. However, I want a plugin that serves only Text Ads and it shows after all post. Features also includes automatic ads display and disable in xx days. Maybe if you can share some, I really appreciate it :-)

    Anyways, Thanks :D

  • Comment by Ivan

    Another good plugin. Banner Manager.
    It allows you not only manage banners, but also sell banner spots on your website directly to advertisers.

  • Comment by Chandan@Website Design Kolkata
    [email protected] Design Kolkata

    Awesome list. Thanks for the great effort you have taken.

  • Comment by Jason

    Perfect! This allows me to do 2 things; which is exactly what I needed! Thanks for the recommendation. I will continue reading a promoting your blog!

  • Comment by Jason

    I am looking for an ad management plugin or script that will enable me to place a 468×60 ad above my navigation area. I would like the banner to rotate upon refreshing while tracking impressions and clicks.

    You listed A LOT of products, is there one that you would recommend for this?

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    Glad you found it useful :)

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    WP Bannerize would be a good option for this:)

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    I can’t think of anything at the top of my ahead. Perhaps a custom solution would be best?

  • Comment by Laura

    I am looking for an ad rotator that will auto rotate on the page, not just on page refresh. I designed my site to use the banner as part of the header using Ad Rotate, but now the client wants the auto rotate feature and I can’t seem to find a plugin that will do that. Please help.

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    Hi Shannon,

    For the 125×125 banner area I am still using the plugin. It aligns 125 banners pretty well.

  • Comment by Shannon

    Can you tell me what you did in order to utilize wp bannerize for the 2 column 125 ad block you have on this site? You said that’s the one you were using. That’s what I need to do as well. Here is the site I’ve installed it on, but it’s not lining up that way.

    Your help would be appreciated. Thanks so much for doing this post. It’s awesome!

  • Comment by TheShadow

    Thanks for this plugin

  • Comment by Murray

    Sorry about the double post – it’s late and i’m a muppet!

  • Comment by Murray

    Nice list mate. It’s a bit tough trying to find the best option… If someone could make a suggestion – I’m looking for the best plugin that can support both adsense and client ads + something that can offer a good reporting system for clients…

  • Comment by Murray

    Nice list mate. It’s a bit tough trying to find the best option… If someone could make a suggestion – I’m looking for the best plugin that can support both adsense and client ads + something that can offer a good reporting system for clients.

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    I haven’t found one plugin which does everything. Many claim to do but you’ll never get an ad plugin which does exactly what everyone wants.

    For example, I used a separate plugin for my 125×125 banner zone as I rotate the banners within the zone so each banner gets equal exposure, however I use a different plugin for other banner areas on the site as only one banner can be displayed in those zones at a time.

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    What size of banner specifically?

  • Comment by Kate Mag
    Kate Mag

    Great roundup. One question? what do you think the best plugin with zones, randomizations, medium (adSense-Chitika-etc) features?

  • Comment by Leigh

    I currently use WP125 and really like it. However, am looking for good ad management tool for banners larger than 125 x125. Any good suggestions?

  • Comment by Atif

    Great Collection Thanks so much

  • Comment by Rahul

    Thank you Kevin.
    Your posts are helpful to people like me. So there is no question of “like”.

    All the best. I have included a link to your blog.

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    Glad you liked the post Rahul. Best of luck :)


  • Comment by Rahul

    You did really put your effort in this post. With all those reviews with pictures. Don’t let me flatter you. But Its Excellent..

    Its only after reading you post which poped out of google when i searched for ad plugins.. i decided to use Adrotate..

    thanks again kevin

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    It depends. :)

    Are you looking to rotate and display ads for yourself or for sponsors too i.e. is it important that impressions and clicks etc are tracked.


  • Comment by Avrom

    Kevin, thanks for this fabulous article ! Would you recommed Max Banner Ads or WP Insert ? Both look great. I like the look of WP Insert for sure and I can put ads into my template as well. Not sure that Max Banner will let me put ads into my template. But Max Banner tracks clicks etc.

    Thanks very much,