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BeFree is a stylish free blogging theme from theme developers Theme4Press. It has a minimal yet beautiful layout that can be modified easily through the theme options area.

The top of the page features a drop down navigation menu, the site logo and a social media area with links to your RSS feed, subscription by email, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The main content area is split into three columns though the central content area is still big enough for posts. The first column is used for meta information whilst the the third column displays the site sidebar (whic is widget ready). Most designs place the meta information directly above a post rather than to the left hand side. It looks good on the home page and post archives though this setup looks a little strange to me on pages.

BeFree WordPress Theme

The footer is widget ready. By default there are two columns however you can set this to 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns in the settings area. There is also another menu at the bottom of each page. Both the header and footer menus are controlled via the WordPress menu system.

BeFree Footer

Where the theme really comes into it’s own is the BeFree framework that powers the theme. It’s one of the most advanced theme options areas you’ll see in a free design. You can change basic settings like your logo, favicon and social media profiles and change the layout of the design (e.g. remove the sidebar and change the number of footer columns). Every area of the site can be styled from here too; whether it’s the typography, link colours or font size.

BeFree Settings

Post thumbnail settings can also be changed in the options area and you can insert advertising into the header and single post template. The only downside to this great options area is that it makes modifying the theme manually via the template system very difficult. There are dozens of templates with this theme so it may take you a while to familiarise yourself with them before you modify your templates.

BeFree is a simple blogging design however it looks great and lets you create an unlimited number of colour schemes. It’s a good option for beginners as the options area lets you customise many common settings and lets you change the style and size of every font on the site. I recommend giving it a try :)


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