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Two weeks ago I wrote about my disappointment with the slow progress of bbPress 2.0. The fourth release candidate had just been released however this was the first beta update in over two months.

In particular, John James Jacoby was unhappy with my criticism. He believes that before I blame anyone for ‘slow progress’ I should think of how I can positively contribute to the community. I can understand his viewpoint. As I am not a coder, the best way for me to help would be to write a guide helping others in using the plugin (like the guide I wrote showing people how to transfer from bbPress 1.x). Unfortunately, as I noted before, there is very little documentation for the plugin and I’ve not been able to theme the plugin correctly as I ran into some bugs, so I’ve not been able to write a guide for you guys.

Whilst I don’t want to criticise any individual or party for contributing to the WordPress community, I will continue to share my disappointment with readers if a script is not reaching its potential. WP Mods isn’t a news site like Weblog Tools Collection that only reports the news; if I have an opinion on a given subject I am going to share it with you all. Some of you may not like this but I know that many WP Mods readers are, just like me, waiting for a great forum solution for WordPress. bbPress has the best chance of being just that however it isn’t there yet. There is still very little documentation to help non-developers theme bbPress for their own site, very few designs have been released and most questions in the support forum are still going unanswered.

To those of you who think that I’m just being negative for the sake of being negative, please be assured that I’m not. I fully support what bbPress developers are doing however if you are thinking of using bbPress on your website you need to bear all of the points above in mind before committing to using it.

This may all change over the next few months. I was encouraged by the announcement of release candidate 5 by John James Jacoby yesterday. Theme compatibility, BuddyPress activity stream behaviour and subscription email sending have all been improved.

We are hopefully quite close to the first stable release of bbPress 2.0. This should accelerate the release of themes and plugins for 2.0, such as the bbPress Support Forum Plugin by GetShopped.

Once a stable version of bbPress has been released, I will do my best to write a complete walk through of the plugin for everyone. Would love to hear from those of you who are using the plugin just now on a live site :)

Good luck,

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  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    phpBB is one of the best free scripts. It has the same problem as other forum scripts in that it’s a stand alone script. It’s not necessarily a bad thing as there are limitations to only using something that integrates with WordPress.

  • Comment by Mark Thomas@dui help
    Mark [email protected] help

    Hi, Though bbPress has none alternative but there is no option besides to switch over to other forum scripts. I think phpBB is quite suitable but again it is not so perfect with wordpress. It is like everythin is ok in emergency.

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    Well there are a few alternatives out there. Vanilla forums is a great light weight forum solution. It’s limited but has some good features. It’s not a plugin though so it has the same limitations as other stand alone scripts (there is an embed option available but that isn’t really what most people want).

  • Comment by Rev. Voodoo
    Rev. Voodoo

    Nothing wrong with stating your opinions eh! bbPress is coming along well, I’ve been messing around with it for a bit. I have had so many forums on my sites. Nothing works out right. I agree that I think bbPress has the best potential, I really think it’s going to get there. The basic functionality is there. It’s quite ready to be used. My philosophy is to commit to using it now on VoodooPress. And to grow with it. I’m just using the default display for now, I haven’t been able to get theming quite figured out either. Hopefully some good themes come along for it. That way, barring good documentation, I can at least have some sample code to look at to work out my own.