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Basic is a feature rich free blogging design that was released by Themify at the start of the month. As the name implies, the theme has a basic layout however this allows you to customise the design to your own preference more easily. It has a clean design that was coded using HTML5 and CSS3.

5 theme skins are included with the design and there 4 widget areas in the footer. Social media icons can be integrated easily too and it has good support for child themes.

Basic WordPress Theme

Where the theme comes into it’s own is the theme settings area. It uses the Themify framework and is gives you complete control over your design. You can integrate your Feedburner RSS feed details in the general settings area and add custom code to the header and footer (for ad tracking like Google Analytics).

The theme layout is easily changed through the settings area. You can set the sidebar on the left or right or remove it altogether. There is also 7 different post layout settings. Meta information like titles, dates and thumbnails can easily be switched on and off too.

Basic WordPress Theme Settings Area

Every aspect of the design can be modified in the settings area. You can style the background, headings, fonts, navigation, header, logo, sidebar and footer in this section. You can add custom CSS too.

Basic WordPress Theme Settings Area

There are 5 skins to choose from; three variations of black and two variations of white and blue. You can choose to have no skin if you want.

Basic WordPress Theme Settings Area

You don’t have to worry about losing your designs as you can export and import your creations. The design is responsive so looks great on desktop browsers and on mobile devices like phones or tablets.

Responsive Design

Basic is a fantastic blogging design that gives you a huge amount of freedom on how the simplistic design is styled. One of the best free WordPress themes released this month. Recommended :)


Link: Basic WordPress Theme

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  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    Hi Mands,

    Glad you like the site :)

    I actually prefer to open all links in the same window. All modern browsers allow users to open links in a new tab or browser window (by right clicking); this allows wpmods readers to open links in the same window or in a new window.



  • Comment by Mands

    Hi Kevin, Thanks for another great post. Can I make a suggestion/ask a favour please?
    Please can you have your links open in a new tab, rather than leading away from your article… *Smile* I clicked on the “Basic” link above and went off on a tangent without having read your article and had to find my way back. Thanks.
    Thanks for your great posts… I’m enjoying them very much, and learning easily after struggling for years. :) Have a great day Mands